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Top 14 Aluminium Foil Manufacturers in India

Aluminium foil is a versatile and widely used material in various industries, with its primary application being packaging. In India, several companies have established themselves as leaders in aluminium foil manufacturing, catering to the growing demand for packaging solutions. This article highlights some of the top aluminium foil manufacturers in India, their products, and their contributions to the packaging industry.

14 Aluminium Foil Manufacturers in India

1. Hindalco Industries

Hindalco Industries, an Aditya Birla Group company, is a leading producer of aluminium and copper products. Hindalco’s aluminium foil brand, Freshwrapp is considered one of the leading brands of packaging foils in the country today. Freshwrapp kitchen foil is available from 10 microns upwards, while Freshpakk semi-rigid containers are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

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2. Raviraj Foils Limited

Raviraj Foils Limited is a well-established manufacturer of aluminium foils with a focus on delivering high-quality packaging solutions. The company’s commitment to excellence and innovation makes it a preferred choice for various packaging needs.

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3. Flexifoil Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

Flexifoil Packaging is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging materials, including aluminium foil. Their foil products are widely used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and FMCG for packaging purposes. They are known for their superior barrier properties, strength, and durability.

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4. Alufoil Products Pvt. Ltd

Alufoil Products Pvt. Ltd is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality aluminium foil products. The company specializes in producing foils for flexible packaging applications and is known for its dedication to delivering premium solutions to its clients.

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5. Zenco Industries

Zenco Industries specializes in manufacturing high-quality aluminium foils for various packaging applications. The company’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction has earned it a reputation as a reliable foil supplier.

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6. Paras Polymers

Paras Polymers is a renowned manufacturer of aluminium foils catering to various industries’ packaging requirements. The company is committed to delivering products that meet stringent quality standards.

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7. SRF Limited

SRF Limited is a diversified business conglomerate with a presence in various industries, including packaging. The company produces high-quality aluminium foils that find applications in pharmaceutical, food, and other sectors.

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8. Pankaj Aluminium Industries

Pankaj Aluminium Industries is a leading manufacturer of aluminium foils, catering to the packaging needs of different industries. The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted name in the industry.

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9. Dee Pee Foils (India)

Dee Pee Foils (India) is a well-established manufacturer of aluminium foils catering to various industries’ packaging needs. The company is committed to producing foils that meet international quality standards and offer excellent barrier properties.

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10. Nagreeka Foils Ltd

Nagreeka Foils Ltd is a leading manufacturer of aluminium foil products in India. The company has also a strong presence in the global market. The company is known for its state-of-the-art production facilities and a commitment to delivering superior quality foils.

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11. Singhania Alu-Foil Containers Manufacturing Company

Singhania Alu-Foil Containers is a leading manufacturer of aluminium foil containers that are widely used for packaging and storing food products. The company’s focus on hygiene, quality, and convenience makes its products a preferred choice in the food packaging industry. Some of the popular product ranges of the company include aluminium foil containers, takeaway containers, baking containers, and food storage containers.

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12. Gujarat Foils Limited

Gujarat Foils Limited is a well-established manufacturer of aluminium foils and related products. With a strong emphasis on technology and quality, the company offers a wide range of foil solutions for diverse packaging needs.

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More Top Companies:

13. Jindal Aluminium Limited

Jindal Aluminium is another prominent player in the aluminium industry and manufactures aluminium foil catering to various applications such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and insulation. Their foil products adhere to international quality standards and are trusted by customers across India.

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14. Uflex Limited

Uflex is a vertically integrated packaging solutions provider with a diverse product portfolio that includes aluminium foil. They offer customised foil solutions tailored to the unique requirements of their customers. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a focus on innovation, Uflex is a preferred choice for aluminium foil packaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a reliable aluminium foil manufacturer?

When choosing an aluminium foil manufacturer, consider factors such as the company’s reputation, product quality, range of offerings, certifications, and customer reviews. A reliable manufacturer should have a strong track record and a commitment to meeting industry standards.

What types of aluminium foil products do manufacturers offer?

Aluminium foil manufacturers in India offer a wide range of products including plain foil, printed foil, laminated foil, foil containers, and speciality foils for specific applications.

What are the common applications of aluminium foil?

Aluminium foil is commonly used for food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, insulation, and industrial applications such as heat exchangers and capacitors.

Are aluminium foil products recyclable?

Yes, aluminium foil products are highly recyclable. Recycling aluminium foil helps conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact.

Do aluminium foil manufacturers provide customised solutions?

Many aluminium foil manufacturers offer customised solutions tailored to the specific requirements of their customers, including custom printing, embossing, and thicknesses.

What quality standards do aluminium foil manufacturers adhere to?

Aluminium foil manufacturers adhere to various quality standards such as ISO, BRC, and GMP to ensure the highest quality and safety of their products.

Are aluminium foil products safe for food packaging?

Yes, aluminium foil products used for food packaging are safe and comply with food safety regulations. They provide an effective barrier against moisture, light, and contaminants.

Can I get samples or request a quote from aluminium foil manufacturers?

Yes, most aluminium foil manufacturers offer samples and allow customers to request quotes for their products. Contact the manufacturer directly for more information.

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