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Top 10 Agriculture Software Solution Providers in India

Are you interested to know and trying the best agriculture software for your agriculture-related business?

Agriculture is the primary sector of the Indian economy. In developed countries, advanced technologies are used by the primary sector. The land is shrinking due to the ever-growing population. It is estimated that the ever-growing population will reach 9 billion by 2050. This growth of the population needs a continuous food supply.

The agriculture sector has been successful in keeping pace rising demand for food. Increased productivity helped to feed the population. The increasing role of IT industries in creating accumulative value, decreasing the cost, and ensuring the best quality of farm products to the consumers. The IT system supports management by developing an ERP system in the agricultural sector.
Here in this post, we list the top most popular agriculture software companies and their solutions for your business.

List of 10 Agriculture Software in India

FARMERP Ver 2.1 Agriculture Software

FarmERP Ver 2.1 is the most advanced and user-friendly PC-based software suite. The software comes from the house of Shivrai Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

It is used by progressive farmers, Farmer groups /PMO, Agribusiness companies, Educational institutions, Exporters and Consultants, etc. for efficient farm management.

#2. Agriculture Software By MARG Compusoft Pvt. Ltd.

Marg Mandi Software Mandi Software is a specialized Solution for Sabji Mandi, Aadhat, Vegetable, Fruit, Grain & Dry Fruits Merchants with Mahajani Accounting.

This is a specific software for Intelligence and an integrated solution for Mandi Industry. MARG, A complete Real-time Business Accounting Mandi Software

#3. Agriculture Software By KRISOL Infosoft Pvt Ltd

KrisolERP for planning and production manages all the business processes for an organization. It supports various types of departments in the business. Based on the particular organizational needs the ERP system can be customized, thus providing the required services.

KrisolERP for Agriculture sector is an important organizational tool as it integrates different groups facilitates error-free production and supply.

#4. LandMagic Software By ProPak Software

ProPak Software provides different specific solutions. These are LandMaster, CropCare, GeoMaps, Harvesting, FieldTime, etc. ProPak Software has created a new generation of simple-to-use software products that use web-based technology that is specifically designed for grower/farming operations.

LandMagic consists of a suite of powerful Software Products that are easy to install and implement. Web-based software that is simple and obvious to use, with advanced features like multi-user language support that uses a customizable glossary to display and print your terminology.

#5. CSWS Software By Random Soft Solution

CSWS is a Comprehensive Cold Store and Warehouse Management System.

It is specifically developed for warehouses and cold store firms.

#6. Agriculture Software By Source Edge Software Technologies Pvt Ltd

AgriSys ERP is the pioneer in helping clients manage their business in the agriculture segment.

AgriSys ERP solution is the most suitable ERP solution for corporate farming industries in the business of seed production, vegetable farming, crop production, etc.

#7. Agriculture Software By Shivrai Technologies Pvt Ltd

ERP software solution developed for the management of Biotech and tissue culture companies.

It is multi-module application software that integrates activities across functional departments, from production planning, lab production, hardening, stock, and inventory to sales and marketing and HR.

#8. Agriculture Software By Retailware Softech Pvt Ltd

Retailware Agribiz is specializing in solutions for the retail sector on the Microsoft Windows platform.

They have developed extremely user-friendly barcode solutions for various retail business verticals including agriculture and fertilizer stores.

#9. FarmERP Online Agriculture Software By Shivrai Technologies Pvt Ltd

FarmERP Online is an internet-based version of FarmERP. This solution is getting popularity from agribusiness companies, contract farming agencies, agriculture produce procurement companies and exporters.

It builds a farmer database with a unique user-id for every grower, along with procurement details and procurement schedules. It also consists of a comprehensive set of farm management modules for the requirements of the farmers.

#10. FarmERP Agri Service Pro Agriculture Software

FarmERP Agri Service Pro is the latest and most advanced version. Additionally, it offers a complete solution for Analytical Laboratories and Agri Services Centers to deliver quick and well-managed services.

The services include soil, water, petiole, pesticide residue analysis reports and suggestions based on analytical values, crop production consultancy through their service centers.