Top 10 ERP Software Solution Providers in India For Small Business

Are you interested to know and try the best ERP software for your business? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Enterprise resource planning software integrates all process of a business operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing.

Here in this post, we list the top most popular ERP software solutions for your business.

List of Top 10 ERP Software Solutions For Small Business In India 

1. Marg ERP 9+ ERP Software

ERP Software

Comprehensive ERP solution for multiple location sales, distribution & manufacturing business to manage their entire downstream supply chains. The loosely coupled solution helps you to manage your chain network.


 #2. Tally ERP 9

tally erp9 accounting softwareTally.ERP 9 is a business accounting software for accounting, inventory, payroll. It is economical and one of the most popular ERP software solutions available in the industry. You can download a free version of Tally.ERP 9.

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#3. Software By Softmark Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

erp softwareFlexiERP is configurable resource planning software for all business. It streamlines all workflow processes and it provides you with an interactive interface through which you can monitor your entire business, at a click of buttons.

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#4. Software By B-square Solutions (P) Ltd.

erp softwareB-Square ERP software(Enterprise Resource Planning) helps manufacturers and traders from small businesses to mid-size enterprise see business transactions more clearly. Increasing the quality and visibility of business information.

#5 Software By WorkXmate Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

erp softwareWorkXmate is a complete cloud ERP software solution designed specifically for small companies to help them compete with the industry leaders and accelerate growth. With web-based ERP software system, SMEs get a complete insight into their business.

#6. Sage ERP Software Solutions

ERP Software Solutions

Sage has more than 30 years of experience helping small and medium companies manage the business. In fact, we help more than 3 million customers worldwide to be more effective by making smarter decisions. Whether your business is growing locally or expanding globally, it has a solution for every stage that’s more flexible and scalable than other traditional ERP solutions.

#7. Integra ERP Software Solutions

erp software

Integra provides enterprise resource planning software for small and medium business. It offers industry-specific application software, engineered for speed, accuracy, and innovative user-friendly designs.

#8.PharmAssist ERP Software By C-Square Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

ERP Software Solutions

PharmAssist is one of our oldest and also one of the most matured and time tested product. In addition, the product caters to the need of pharmaceutical distribution – wholesale and stockist.

#9. Ecogreen ERP Software By C-Square Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

 ERP Software SolutionsEcogreen™+ is an enterprise resource planning solution. The system takes care of all the operations of Retail chains including Sales, Purchase, Order processing, Sales returns (Credit Note), Purchase Returns (Debit Note), Stock transfers (GDN AND GRN)

#10. ERP Software By Primaseller

ERP Software Solutions Primaseller is committed to helping small and medium retailers across India in their journey to success. Furthermore, the company builds technology that enables them to streamline their operations across multiple channels and helps them discover and manage a new channel of sales.

ERP Solutions are must to for the small business when you want to grow your enterprise. Simply, you can start a business without an ERP, but you can’t make it big without an ERP solution. Because as your business grows, you will need to maintain several different fact sheets and database. Additionally, you need comprehensive reports to analyze the current situation and to make growth strategy. And here, an ERP software plays a big role in small business.

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