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Best 12 Highly Profitable Trading Business Ideas & Opportunities

Are you searching for lucrative small trading business ideas? If so, read this article and find the list of top profitable trading businesses that have high growth potential.

A trading company generally sells a wide variety of products of different brands to consumers, business houses, and government-controlled companies. You can start a trading company of your own by purchasing products directly from multiple manufacturers or wholesalers and selling them to end consumers or retailers. You can also start as an authorized trading partner for a particular company.

What type of business comes under trading?

Trading companies sell an infinite range of products to consumers. Every trading company procures items in bulk from manufacturers or wholesalers. They stock these items in their warehouses and sell them to retailers, distributors, and consumers.

Find below a list of top trading business product ideas that are potentially profitable if planned properly.

12 Trading Business Ideas

1. Costume Jewelry Trading Business

The costume jewelry market has grown significantly in recent times. Rapid urbanization and growing fashion consciousness are among the main key drivers for the growth of the costume jewelry market in the country. Check out our guide on how to start a costume jewelry business to learn more.

2. Garments Trading Business

The garment trading business is easy to start and can be started by anyone. It is one of the most popular trading business ideas as it requires low investment to start. If you are a beginner with a low budget, you can start from too. You need to find a niche and find a reliable wholesaler who can provide you with the items related to the category.

3. FMCG Products Trading Business

Though the market is competitive, still the volume of consumption is so large, selling fast-moving consumer goods is a lucrative business. If you have a reasonable amount to invest, you try to be a distributor of reputed FMCG brands.

4. Decorative Scented Candles Trading

Scented candles are used mostly for creating aromatic ambiance and in cases of reducing stress. The decorative scented candle market has grown substantially mainly because of the growth of the e-commerce industry in the country.

Popular eCommerce sites have made it easier for both sellers and buyers in selling and buying scented candles. As a result, the future of scented candle trading has huge growth potential in the country.

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5. Green Tea Trading

A study suggests the demand for green tea is growing at a rate of 17% per year. The reason for this growth largely lies in the growing health consciousness of most people in the country.

The health benefits of consuming green tea have also prompted a shift among consumers. If you are looking for a product that has a high-profit margin with growing market potential, the green tea trading business is worth considering.

6. Herbal Personal Care Products Trading

The herbal personal care products in the last few years have grown exponentially. There is still a huge scope for market expansion. Industry pundits predict the ayurvedic Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of more than 16.0% over the next decade.

Brands like Patanjali have successfully tapped the previously unexplored herbal personal care segment to good use. Starting a trading business in this segment is almost a certainty in the present market.

7. Leather Bags Trading Business

The leather bag industry has shown significant growth in the domestic market in the last decade. More importantly, specialized retailers have dominated the market. There are plenty of items like purses, wallets, etc in the leather bag industry you can choose from for starting a leather bag trading business.

8. Mobile Accessories Trading Business

Industry experts predict that the mobile accessories market is expected to grow by over 10% in the coming five years. Some of the high-demand products in this segment are phone cases, headphones & earphones, power banks, portable speakers, and many more. There is a wide scope of making profits in the mobile accessory trading business at present.

9. Agrochemical & Pesticides Trading

Most countries are primarily agriculture-driven economies. The pesticide market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 10 % in the coming five years. If you are living in a semi-urban or rural area, starting an agrochemical and pesticide trading business is worth considering.

10. Solar Products & Equipment Trading

The government is encouraging the solar industry like never before. Solar power is considered the most viable alternative for power sources. There are many solar items like solar heaters, solar led lights, solar inverters, etc showing demand largely from rural areas in the country.

If you are from not so urban area, starting a trading business on solar products you might consider.

11. Automobile Accessories Trading

The sale of cars and vehicles is on the rise in the country. The reason mainly is because of the growing aspiration of the middle class in most countries for a better lifestyle. There are many items like auto spare parts, engine parts and mounts, tires and tubes, gears and gear parts, etc which show increasing demand.

If you are an automobile enthusiast and want to start your own business, starting a trading business on automobile accessories can fetch you good profits.

12. Computer Peripherals Trading Business

The computer peripheral market is growing at a fast pace. Other product items like computer keyboards, mice, printers, image scanners, headphones, and webcams still dominate the market.

The market is competitive and always evolving with newer technologies. But considering the huge growth volume of the domestic market, there is still a wide scope for making good money in the computer peripheral trading business.