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How to Start Mad Over Donuts Franchise in India

Do you want to be a franchise of Mad Over Donuts? If so, find here a detailed guide to buying a franchise of MOD with cost, investment, and contact details.

Mad Over Donuts franchise started off as a tiny donut brand in Singapore with big plans to make the world go, well…Mad Over Donuts franchise. Their mission is to serve the best donuts this planet has ever known. They believe donuts should taste great every time and we source the highest quality ingredients from around the globe to give you that Love at First Bite!® experience.

Why Mad Over Donuts Franchise?

The ring-shaped scrumptious ‘doughnuts’ is the talk of the town these days in the food and beverages (F&B) industry. To date, doughnuts were hardly seen in the Indian bakery market and most overlooked items in a patisserie. However, now this delightful bakery item is heading towards grabbing its own exclusive space in the Indian F&B sector.

Mad Over Donuts franchise believes in freshness and makes our donuts fresh throughout the day. They believe in something for everybody and have dozens of flavors to pick from including glaze, fruit, chocolate, and even savoury and spicy donuts. 

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So far many international brands have tested water in the Indian market. The success of the F&B brand mainly depends upon the taste of people whether they will like it or not. In the case of doughnuts, there are bright chances for the brands to enjoy success as Indians are sweet lovers.

Whenever international brands plan to enter the Indian market they do the complete R&D regarding the flavor of India. The brand’s menu card for India is different because it is made according to Indian taste and spices. The local factor helps the brand to attract customers.

As discussed earlier doughnuts in India never had an exclusive outlet before the entrance of the Mad Over Donuts franchise.

Although there are very few organized doughnut brands in the market that offers donuts franchises, this industry is surely a potentially profitable fast-food sector.  The sector is in its nascent stage with less competition in the market and a high possibility of success. Mad Over Donuts franchise already operates more than 35 stores across the nation.

What is the Cost of Mad Over Donuts Franchise?

There is no official confirmation about the cost of buying a MOD franchise. Though we can expect a minimum investment in the range of 3 Lacs to 5 Lacs in Indian currency will be necessary to start. A ground-floor retail space is always preferred for this kind of business.

Contact Details:

The address of the corporate office of Mad Over Donuts is given below:

Pragati Ventures Private Limited
111 North Bridge Road,#24-06
Singapore 179098
Contact number: N/a
Email: [email protected]

You can directly Email [email protected] to know more about their franchise requirements. Another way to send your inquiry for franchising details is to visit the official website address and fill out the contact form.

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