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How to Start a Lassi Shop Franchise Business in India

Do you want to open a Lassi  Shop franchise business in your location? IF YES, go through this post to learn how to open a Lassi Shop franchise including cost, investment, and contact details.

Basically, Lassi Shop serves fresh juices, mocktails, and smoothies. The brand offers fresh, healthy, and hygienic beverages as a superior alternative to fizzy drinks invading the country to the customers. Currently, the company has more than 500 Lassi Shops across the country.

They craft these exquisitely with the finest ingredients invented by the founder. Hence, it creates a fantastic array of flavors. The brand is a concept of a “Quick Service cafe”. It’s a small format F&B Retail chain which exclusively focuses on the subcontinent’s popular traditional yogurt-based drink ‘Lassi’

So, if you want to start a small retail business in the food and beverage industry, then it’s a perfect choice for you.

5 Advantages of Lassi Shop Franchise

  • First of all, it’s a low-cost business model. So, you don’t need to take much risk in starting this business.
  • The franchise requires a small retail space. A 200 Sq Ft retail area is enough for starting a Lassi Shop franchise.
  • Summers are too lengthy in India. The hot and humid weather that lasts at least 9 months is the best time to consume lassi. Also, people consume different types of cold drinks throughout the year. So, you can expect good sales revenue every year.
  • The cafe culture is getting huge popularity not only in urban areas but also in small towns. Therefore, this is the perfect time to open this type of business.
  • Finally, the profit potential is good compared to the capital investment.

Cost & Investment

The brand is an individually managed sweet Yogurt, Juice & Milkshakes retail venture. Exclusively, it focuses on India’s core beverages sweet Yogurt, Juice & Milkshakes With the Café, and the fast food retail entrepreneur (CFRE) program.

is looking to revolutionize successful entrepreneurship in the food retail industry. These handpicked few will be equipped with the knowledge and strategy required to become a part of our success story.

The Lassi Shop setup may cost you Rs 10,00,000. + GST (Ten Lakhs). Also, you will need an Aadhar card, Email ID, and a bank account.

8 Steps to Open Lassi Shop Franchise

Step 1: First of all, go to the franchise application page. Fill out the application.

Step 2: A company representative will meet you very soon. Carry the Aadhar Card and mail ID.

Step 3: Sign the agreement.

Step 4: The Administration office will approve the agreement. Then, you will need to pay two Lakhs (Cheque/online transfer). The company doesn’t accept any cash payments. You will get the payment slip and confirmation mail from the Lassi Shop team.

Step 5: Search for a 200 sqft shop space in a location having the potential for good footfalls. You must select a ground-floor property with a frontage of 10 feet. The shop must have a water inlet and Floor-mounted drainage.

Step 6: Send the google map. Also, send a 360-degree video of the shop Location.

Step 7: After approval, you will need to pay the balance amount.

Step 8: Recruit 4 Staff and send them for training with their ID

You can set up the shop within 30 to 60 days from the date of application.

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Supports Provided to the Franchise Partners

  • Proven Product recipe
  • Connecting Supply Chain
  • Branding
  • Legal Documentation
  • Staff training
  • Location Identification
  • Theft Preventive measure support

How Much Money One Can Make from Lassi Shop Franchise?

As with any business, this depends on several factors. While choosing a great real estate site is important, the most important factor is you and the effort you invest in your business.

Definitely, no one can tell you how much money you will make. However, the company will provide you with detailed information on the financial performance of typical Lassi Shop units. In addition, during your application process, you will have the opportunity to speak with other Lassi Shop franchisees about their experiences with the Lassi Shop.

Lassi Shop Menu

The company offers a wide category range of foods for customers. The category list includes Lassi, Shoo Shoo, Ice cream Sundaes, Mocktails, and juices. Each category includes lots of healthy and tasty items. These are fruit lassi, Falooda, hard rock coffee, butterscotch fudge, lava cake, dry fruit shake, smoothie, lemon juices, etc.

Contact Details

Lassi Shop is a Bangalore-based startup. You can visit the official website( ) and show your interest. However, we didn’t find any physical contact details on the official website of the company.

Currently, Lassi Shop is a profitable franchise business opportunity in India. Analyze the local market first and then decide.

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