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Best 12 Free & Paid Email Marketing Courses Online

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach consumers. It is the most successful way to engage with people, despite the existence of other social media sites. So numerous organizations are actively seeking qualified email marketers. As a result, a lot of institutions have created email marketing courses that you can choose from.

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.” – David Newman

Well, I believe you can agree with the quote by David Newman.

And apart from this, it is one of the best ways to reach target audiences.

Importance of Email Marketing

Email marketing is vital in various aspects of digital marketing. For instance, it is more cost-effective than other marketing channels in terms of expenditure. Moreover, if you want to build brand recognition, nothing can beat email marketing. Because people will be more likely to recognize your brand than other channels. Since it is cost-effective and easy to use, it will become more essential in the future.

Now let us take a glance at some courses in email marketing-

Best Online Email Marketing Courses

1. Think Outside the Inbox: Email Marketing by Coursera – Learn More About the Course Here

Founded in 2012, Coursera is one of the prominent online course providers in the world. Moreover, the platform offers more than 80 online email marketing courses.

In addition, Think Outside the Box-Email Marketing will educate you on how to carry out a successful email marketing campaign.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Useful tools for email marketing
  • Types of email marketing
  • Collect and analyze email campaign data etc.

Course Benefits

  • Beginner Level
  • 100% online
  • Approx. 26 hours to complete and so on.

2. Free Email Marketing Mastery Course by Udemy – Learn More About the Course Here

If you want to learn various aspects of email marketing for free then this email marketing mastery course is for you. Udemy is one of the leading platforms that provide online email marketing courses. Furthermore, Udemy is a global platform where you can opt for various courses at a reasonable price.

This free mail marketing course is free yet provides a plethora of knowledge.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction To Email Marketing
  • MailChimp Crash Course
  • Lead Magnets
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Write a perfect Email etc.

Course Benefits

  • Free course
  • 1hr 58min of on-demand video
  • Learn How to work with Mailchimp, and so on.

3. Email Marketing: Strategy and Optimization by Linkedin Learning – Learn More About the Course Here

If you want to learn how to modify important emails, Linkedin Learning can assist you. Furthermore, this email marketing course will show you how to change important emails and revenue-generating emails.

Let me tell you that Linkedin Learning is one of the top e-learning platforms where you may learn different courses from the comfort of your own home.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Fit emails into any marketing plan
  • Optimize everything
  • Identifying all types of emails
  • Monitoring and revising, etc.

Course Benefits

  • 1 exercise file to practice
  • 1 hours duration
  • Budget-friendly, etc.

4. The Complete Mailchimp Email Marketing Course by Udemy – Learn More About the Course Here

This email marketing course with a certificate is one of the best on the platform. In addition, you will get to learn to use Mailchimp, build high-quality email campaigns, etc.

Additionally, if you are proficient in spoken and written English, you will find that the course is not difficult for you.

Course Curriculum

  • Email marketing basics
  • Email marketing- Mailchimp
  • Email marketing- analytics
  • Resources, updates, and so on.

Course Benefits

  • Full Lifetime Access
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 3.5 hours of video
  • 18 articles + resources
  • Certificate of completion, etc.

5. Email Marketing Course by Hubspot Academy – Learn More About the Course Here

This highly popular email marketing course is conducted by Hubspot Academy. Hubspot Academy is the leading provider of free online training such as sales, inbound marketing, etc. Furthermore, one of them is an email marketing course.

If you want to advance your business career, this is the course for you. In this course, you will learn how to build trust with your contacts.

Course Curriculum

  • Understanding email marketing
  • Sending the right email
  • Understanding email deliverability
  • Analyzing your marketing emails
  • Developing relationships with lead nurturing, etc.

Course Benefits

  • Free course
  • 9 lessons
  • 28 videos
  • Master the basics, and so on.

6. Connect Through Email by Google Garage

Digital Garage is a non-profit program by google that offers various online training to improve digital skills.

Moreover, in this email marketing course, you will learn to develop a contact list, build relationships with customers, and so on.

Course Curriculum

  • Email marketing basics
  • Crafting great marketing emails
  • Your email marketing options
  • Measuring success in email marketing
  • Managing successful email campaigns, etc.

Course Benefits

  • Free course
  • Learn to manage email campaigns, etc.

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7. Email Marketing by Great Learning

Looking for a free email marketing course? This is one of the best email marketing courses on the platform owned by BYJU’S Group, a famous Indian ed-tech company in India. Great Learning is a prominent ed-tech platform offering various courses.

In this Great Learning email marketing course, you will learn to create effective strategies for email marketing. Apart from this, you will get to learn to compose clear and concise emails too. However It is a free course, and it has a wealth of information that will propel you to the top in your field.

Course Curriculum

  • What is email marketing
  • Customer journey
  • Tips and tricks
  • Tips for effective email marketing strategy and, so on.

Course Benefits

  • Free course
  • Certificate after completion
  • Lifetime access
  • 1.5 hours of video lectures, etc.

8. Email Marketing Masterclass for Beginners by Wishpond

This is a popular email marketing course conducted by Wishpond. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of email marketing. Apart from that, you will discover how to reach your email marketing goals using unique email marketing techniques.

Wishpond, however, is a platform that offers a variety of tools for marketing automation and lead creation but has a variety of courses to train you.

Course Curriculum

The curriculum is organized into seven sections, which are as follows:

  • Introduction PDF
  • Types of Email Campaigns
  • Common Email Marketing Mistakes
  • How To Create an Email Marketing Funnel
  • Growing Your Email Listing, etc.

Course Benefits

  • Get PDF
  • learn from a specialist, etc.

9. Email marketing course by Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a comprehensive sales and marketing toolkit for effective campaigns that resonate with your target audience. Besides, it offers various courses including email marketing courses.

In this email marketing course with a certificate, you will learn to enhance email marketing strategies. Moreover, this course is for all experienced as well as new marketers.

Course Curriculum

  • Email Marketing Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Sendinblue
  • Managing Contacts & Segmentation
  • Data Protection
  • Growing Your Subscriber List
  • Campaigns & Reporting, and so on.

Course Benefits

  • 8 Modules
  • 63 Videos
  • 1 Certification
  • 62 Questions
  • 4 eBooks, etc.

10. Advanced Email Marketing by Simplilearn (Skillup)

Simplilearn’s SkillUp is a sister site of free online courses for learners globally. The company has head offices in SanFransisco in The United States and Bangalore in India and offers a wide range of globally-certified courses in various domains.

Moreover, this free email marketing course will teach you to promote products and services through emails. Apart from this, you will gain a thorough understanding of how to develop trust and loyalty through email marketing.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to advanced email marketing
  • Develop result-driving emails
  • Optimize email content
  • Automating your emails
  • Create email-campaign checklists, and so on.

Course Benefits

  • 5 Hours
  • 90 Days of Access
  • Completion Certificate, etc.

11. Email Marketing Course by Clickminded

The course from Clickminded is another one that stands out on the list of email marketing courses.

Additionally, this course will show you how to increase sales through efficient marketing and automation.

Course Curriculum

  • The email marketing framework
  • Optimizing your email campaigns
  • How to create world-class email campaigns
  • Favorite tools

Courses Benefits

  • Learn to increase sales
  • Detailed instruction, etc.

12. Email & SMS Marketing for Ecommerce by CXL

Last but not the least, CXL is another prominent provider of email marketing courses. The institute claims to provide expert-level knowledge in its courses.

In this Become great at Email & SMS Marketing for E-commerce course by Kasey Luck, you will learn email revenue attribution standards to anticipate how much your list will bring you in 6 months.

Course Curriculum

  • Building Blocks of Email Marketing + KPIs
  • Growing your email & SMS list
  • Revenue Attribution in Email & SMS Marketing etc.

 Course Benefits

  • 1h 31 min length
  • Gain expert-level knowledge, and so on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is email marketing?

Ans: Email marketing is a kind of direct marketing in which a company or brand use emails to advertise their products to audiences.

Which institutes provide the best email marketing training?

Ans: Some various institutes and platforms will teach you the course such as Hubspot Academy, Udemy, Coursera, Linkedin learning, Great learning, Wishpond, Sendinblue, Clickminded, Simplilearn (Skillup), Google digital garage, and CXL.

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