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Best Small Business Ideas in Canada for Indian Immigrants

As an immigrant in Canada, you have several opportunities to start your business in the country and earn good profits. Canada ranks among the top 10 countries in ease of doing business.

Since 2000 the number of Indian immigrants in Canada has increased greatly. Hence, you can start a business with an Indian theme like food and dress, and earn good profits.

The Canadian economy is a stable economy and the tax structure is also favourable. Therefore you will enjoy several advantages while starting your business in Canada.

List of 25 Business Ideas in Canada for Indians & Immigrants

1. Indian food Restaurant

Indian food restaurant is a very profitable business for you in Canada. As there are a large number of Indian immigrants in Canada, you will find plenty of customers for your restaurant. Serve authentic Indian food from different regions like Punjab, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Gujarat, etc. Traditional Indian décor and good publicity will give you a good profit from your Indian restaurant.

2. Indian Dress Boutique

Immigrant Indians have a tremendous craze for traditional Indian dresses, both for men and women. Hence, you can start your boutique of Indian dresses and dress materials in Canada and earn good profits. Keep a good stock of traditional Indian dresses as well as bridal dresses to attract more customers including also native Canadians. You can also go to an online boutique. Good collection and network are essential for your boutique business.

3. Grocery Store

As an immigrant Indian, you can start a grocery store that has a good stock of Indian spices and other food items along with general grocery items. Find a location with a high population of Indian immigrants, to get more customers. Personal networks and publicity are very important for the growth of your grocery store business.

4. Online Store

E-commerce is an extremely popular concept of contemporary business. Hence you can start an online store in Canada catering not only to immigrant Indians but also the native Canadians as well. You can sell anything in your online store from electronic goods or computers to groceries, food items, or dresses. You will need a good app for your online store and good logistic support.

5. App Development

If you are skilled in software development and coding, you can start a business of App development in Canada. There is a steady demand for different kinds of apps. You can get entry into the market with your innovative ideas and develop different kinds of apps both for business enterprises as well as public utilities like fitness, child care, road directions, job openings, etc. Digital marketing is very important for your app development business.

6. Accounting Services

If you are a qualified accountant, you can start your accounting services consultancy business in Canada. It has a very good demand and you can offer services like book-keeping, preparation of accounting and financial statements, bank reconciliation, preparation of balance sheets, etc. Most of these can be done digitally. Hence you will be able to provide service to several clients. A good personal network and digital marketing are important for your accounting services business.

7. IT Services

IT services have a good demand in Canada. If you have the knowledge as well as experience, you can start your IT consultancy business in Canada. In this business, your responsibilities will be software development, cybersecurity, data management, cloud computation services, system updates, etc. Digital marketing is important for this business.

8. Business Consultancy

The stable and developed economy of Canada has a good demand for business consultants. If you have a background and experience in business management you can start a business consultancy firm in Canada. As a business consultant, you can assist your client in business expansion, finding out areas of prospect and problems, doing tax and investment planning, preparing project reports for banks and financial institutions, etc. A good personal network and marketing are necessary to grow your business consultancy.

9. Tourism

Canada is a famous tourist destination. Hence tourism can be a good business opportunity for you in Canada. You can start your business as a tour operator focussing on the Indian tourists who visit Canada in great numbers. On a smaller scale, you can operate as a local tour operator or a tourist guide. Online advertising and websites are important tools. Moreover, you have to obtain the necessary licenses and permits for your tourism business.

10. Event Planning

Event planning is a great business idea for you in Canada, with a special focus on the Indian events of marriage, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You have to be a good organizer with a great aesthetic sense and a sharp eye for details. Not only Indians, as an event planner you can also serve others and plan various corporate and social events. Online marketing and social media publicity are required for your event planning business.

11. Computer Repair and Servicing

If you are trained in computer repairing, you can start a computer repairing and servicing business in Canada as the entire system of work is digitized. You can have annual contracts with different corporate, medium, and small business enterprises for the repair and servicing of their computers as well as the digital system. Good networking and digital marketing are essential for this business.

12. Appliance Repair and Servicing

Appliance repair and servicing also have a good demand in Canada. If you are trained, you can start this business of household appliance repair and servicing. You will need a website of your company, a good personal network, and good reviews to grow your appliance repairing business.

13. Ayurvedic Clinic

Ayurveda has a great global demand. Hence you can start an Ayurvedic Clinic in Canada and earn a good profit. Keep facilities for doctor consultation along with selling Ayurvedic medicine and beauty products in your clinic. Good marketing networks and advertisements play an important role in getting more clients for your Ayurvedic Clinic.

14. Salon

You can start your salon business in Canada and earn good profits. A unisex salon is a better choice for getting more customers. Pay good attention to the location and décor of your salon. Appoint trained stylists and beauticians and use beauty products of reputed brands. Good publicity and reviews will help you to grow your salon business in Canada.

15. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is an essential service and hence a good business opportunity for you in Canada. Find a good location for your pharmacy and arrange the medicine properly. You can also take a franchise of a reputed chain of pharmacies. Good marketing, publicity, and standard of service are the key points of your pharmacy business.

16. Coffee Shop

Coffee shops or cafes are an essential element of modern living. Hence a coffee shop can be a good business idea for you in Canada. Good location, cool décor, great quality coffee, and snacks are the important conditions for the success of your coffee shop business.

17. Confectionary

A confectionary shop is a great business idea for you in Canada. As an immigrant Indian business person, have a good stock of traditional Indian confectionery items like laddoo, peda, rasgulla, barfi, etc. in your shop along with other sweets like cake, and pastries. Good publicity and the quality of your items will give you an edge over the competitors. Add party orders and home delivery services to get more business.

18. Jewelry Shop

A jewelry shop is a lucrative business idea for you in Canada. You can start an Indian jewelry store with collections of traditional Indian wedding jewelry and trendy jewelry along with silver and stone carved jewelry. All these have a great demand in Canada. You can also start an online jewelry store. Website, digital marketing, and social media publicity play a very important role in your jewelry store business.

19. Garlic Farming

Garlic farming is a profitable business for you in Canada. The farming of gourmet garlic is especially profitable because of its high demand and good price in the market. The yield is also very good and you can start farming on a small piece of land also. It has a great demand among restaurant chefs. If you follow the farming methods properly you can earn a very good profit from garlic farming.

20. Educational Consultant

Thousands of students come to Canada for higher studies every year. If you are aware of the education system and have an academic background, you can start a business of educational consultancy in Canada. As an educational consultant, you will guide the students regarding the available courses, colleges, and universities along with suggestions about the suitable courses for the students. A good network with the academic world, a website, and good marketing will help to grow your business as an educational consultant.

21. Lodging Services

Lodging services is a good business idea for you in Canada, since many foreigners, including Indians, come to Canada every year for studies as well as jobs. If you have a spare room in your house or apartment, you can use that for lodging services. A clean room with basic furniture, tea, and breakfast facilities will earn you good money.

22. Cleaning Services

Cleaning services along with disinfection and sanitization is a good business idea for you in Canada, as there is a good demand for them. Use sophisticated equipment, good cleaners, and disinfectants, and hire a few hard-working workers. You can give services to offices as well as homes. Website and well online and offline marketing are necessary for the growth of your cleaning business.

23. Laundry Services

Laundry services also have a good demand in Canada. You can start your laundry or go for a franchise of any reputed chain of laundries. Good location, advertising, prompt service, and word-of-mouth publicity are very important for your laundry business.

24. Car Rental

The car rental business has a good prospect in Canada. You can start a car rental business by joining any of the app cab services, or you can do it independently. Car rentals have a good demand among office goers, tourists, visiting business delegates, etc. You need a good public relations and marketing network to grow your car rental business.

25. Real Estate

Real Estate is a good area of business for you in Canada. You can start your business as a real estate agent coordinating the buyers and sellers and getting a commission on a successful deal. Maintenance of real estate is another profitable area of business for you. If you can invest more, you can also start a real estate development business that yields high profits. You will need your website, online and offline marketing as well as good publicity and advertisements for your real estate business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Start-up Visa Program of Canada?

Canada’s Start-up Visa Program is to assist immigrant businesspersons to start businesses in Canada by allowing them to apply for permanent resident status. Before getting a permanent residence, they get a temporary work permit, by which they can start their business.

Can I get funding assistance if I get a Start-up Visa in Canada?

You will get funding assistance from several Venture Capital funds and Angel Investors. As an immigrant Indian, you will have many familiar and favourable points to set up your business in Canada and prosper well.

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