How To Start A Small Scale Blueprint & Ammonia Printing Business

A blueprint consists white lines on a blue background. A more recent process uses blue lines on a white background. Generally, technical drawings, architectural documentation and engineering designs are the major things that need blue print impression for licensing purpose. Blueprinting and ammonia printing process are very simple.

Another aspect is, you can keep those blueprint document for a longer time. Furthermore, it demands very limited infrastructure. And even you can operate the business from home.

However, it is better if you can run the business from a retail location. Even it is a good opportunity to run from a xerox and lamination center. Additionally, this is a wonderful business to operate as side-business or part-time business. Here in this article, we intend to explore how to start a small blueprint or ammonia printing business.

Ammonia Printing Business Market Opportunity

Blueprint or ammonia printing is highly related to the real estate and construction industry. However, there is a demand in the mechanical engineering. The construction industry and rapidly growing in India.

Furthermore, the Govt. is also developing the several infrastructures like roads, highway, over bridge, causeway, water reserver etc. Additionally, different types of constructions like own residential houses, flats, and commercial complexes etc. are developing in the small towns and major villages.

So there is always a demand for this type of printing service. Furthermore, there is a demand in the commercial industry. Ammonia printing is essential in developing factory shade, godowns, mills, cold storage etc. In addition, in the electrical industry, it is used for developing the diagrams. Finally, every Gram Panchayet, Municipality, and Corporation only accept the blueprint or ammonia print for sanction of the plan.

Ammonia Printing Machine & Infrastructure

For the entire operation,100 Sq Ft covered area is sufficient. Either operate from home or have a rental space. However, you will need to arrange electricity to operate the machine. There several different types of ammonia printing machines are available in the market. Generally, price starts from Rupees 2000. However, there are several highly upgraded machines also. Some of the basic features you must look for in the good quality blueprint or ammonia printing machines are:

  • Power consumption saving ability
  • No slippage
  • Eliminating overheating
  • Heavy duty operation
  • Durability
  • Accurate design
  • Elegant looks

Ask the machine supplier to give an on-site demonstration. Check the warranty period before placing the final order. Some of the basic requirements are:

  •  Ammonia prints machine with developing chamber
  • MS Stand
  • Trimming machine of 1-meterr length
  • Exhaust fan to avoid air pollution.

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Ammonia Printing Process & Raw Materials

First of all, you will need to place the originally drawn plans on Ammonia paper. Then expose it to ultraviolet rays. Then you will need to develop the exposed Ammonia paper in an Ammonia Chamber for few minutes. The completely developed Ammonia print is then neatly trimmed on a trimming machine. Generally, you must maintain the quality control policy according to the client’s requirement.

Raw Materials 

Major raw materials are ammonia rolls and ammonia liquid.

Before offering the printing service go for an extensive practice. After several practices, you will find perfect ammonia printing for the customers.