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How to Start Sri Sri Tattva Franchise/Distributor Business in India

Do you want to open a Sri Sri Tattva franchise business at your location? Are you searching for more information about opening a product distribution outlet? IF YES, go through this review article to know more about the franchise cost, fee, investment, profit, and contact details.

First of all, it’s a Bangalore-based company. It was formerly known as Sri Sri Ayurveda. The organization has a 360-degree approach including a College of Ayurvedic Science and Research. Also, it runs a state-of-the-art Hospital, inspired Doctors and Therapists, Panchakarma Wellness Centers, Spas, and Clinics. Additionally, the company has manufacturing facilities driven by technology and stringent control systems and a widely growing Franchise and Retail presence.

Here are the Steps to Start Sri Sri Tattva Franchise Store

Sri Sri Tattva comes with the goal of promoting health and wellness in every household. The company takes immense care in maintaining hygiene and safety standards in manufacturing the products right from sourcing raw materials until they reach the end customers.

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The frontrunner products like Ojasvita (Health Drink), Sudanta (Herbal) Toothpaste, Cow’s Pure Ghee, Honey, the certified range of Organic Products, and ready to eat snacks are immensely popular and are part of our continued endeavor to present high-quality products for a wholesome and healthful living.

Mr. Arvind Varchaswi serves as Managing Director, Sri Sri Tattva. It’s an organization committed to seeing a Healthy, Happy, Modern World, through the ancient science of Life and Well-being. Sri Sri Tattva is one of the flagship brands of Quality Ayurveda and FMCG products in India and Worldwide.

Arvind is also a “Group Advisor” – International Affairs of Ayush Advisory Group constituted by the Pharmaceuticals Export Council of India (PHARMEXCIL). A Body set up by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India with the objective of Export Promotion of Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Ayurveda & Herbal Drug Preparation / Products globally.

Sri Sri Tattva Franchise Details

1) Unit Franchise
The Investment: 8- 12 Lac

Franchise Fee: 2-4 Lakh

2) Development Partner (Territory Franchise)
The Investment: 50 lakh+

Franchise Fee:25 lakh

*RO I: 50% return on investment on average 5 yrs.

Products Range

The company offers a wide range of products under the 9 prominent segments. These are Groceries & Staples, Beverages, Organics, Personal Care, Health Supplements, BYOGI, Home Care, Sacred Offerings, and Gifts.

The groceries and staples include ghee, pickles, Chawanprash, rice, pulses, honey, tea, cookies, snacks, salts, sugar, etc.

The beverages segment includes Ojasvita – a health drink, natural juices, and tea.

The organic segment includes different types of organic staples and edible oils.

The personal care segment includes oral care, acne care, face wash, haircare, skincare, cosmetics, soaps, eye care, body care, baby care products, etc.

The health supplements include a range of products like nutrition oil capsules, immunity enhancers, dietary supplements, tonics, syrup, blood purifiers, etc.

The BYOGI segment includes different types of men’s and women’s clothing items including kurta, shawl, etc.

The home care segment includes products like detergent powder, utensils cleaner, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner, etc.

Finally, the sacred offerings and gift segments include a wide range of products like books, gift packs, incense sticks, Chandan, etc.

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Contact Details for Starting Sri Sri Tattva Franchise Store Business

The company offers three different types of business models for entrepreneurs. These are Super Stockist, Distributor, and Franchise. So, the investment and area requirements depend on the business model.

To open Sri Sri Tattva franchise shop, visit the official website of Sri Sri Tattva. Visit the Partner With Us link at the footer of the website where you will see a short form to be filled. Select ‘Franchisee’ in the first field. Fill up other details such as your name, contact details, etc, and submit. A company representative will contact you very soon to guide you in moving forward.

Contact details, address, phone number

Sri Sri Tattva Private Limited,
11th Main Road,
4th T Block, Jayanagar,
Bangalore – 560041
Toll-Free Number: 1800 3000 5556
Direct Number : +91 74065 74065
Direct Landline No: 080-26087701/02/03/04

Email:[email protected]