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How to Start a Profitable Rubber Stamp Manufacturing Business

The rubber stamp-making business, revenue-wise, has very good income potential. Additionally, you can initiate rubber stamp making as a home-based business with comparatively small startup capital. The manufacturing process is simple and various different types of rubber or polymer stamps are becoming popular nowadays.

The method required to produce the stamps is straightforward and requires no specialist skill. Additionally, you can use different technology and machinery to make different types of stamps. These are like normal rubber stamps, polymer stamps, pre-inked stamps, small pocket stamps, etc.

7 Steps to Start Rubber Stamp Making Manufacturing Business

1. Understand the Market

Rubber Stamps are extensively used in all offices, business houses, and private firms as an official seal of the firm or the person. Also, rubber stamps are used in craft projects for designing purposes. So broadly, we can divide rubber stamp making into two categories depending on their use. These are office rubber stamp making and art rubber stamp making.

Additionally, people use decorative stamps for decorating paper, making special greeting cards, children’s toys, and many other things. People use these stamps on paper, Greeting Cards, Invitation Cards, Furniture, Clothes, Glassware, Interior decoration, and different types of crockery. These may be in a single color or in segments of different colors to make the impression more beautiful, decorative, and attractive.

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2. Rubber Stamp Making Business Registration

In starting rubber stamp making on a small scale, you will need to register your business first. Registering as a ‘One Person Company’ is recommended. If you are starting the business with one or more partners, then you can go for LLP Registration.

You must obtain a Trade License from the local Municipal Authority. Additionally, you may register your small business as SSI Unit. You will need to have a business current account and GST Registration.

3. Cost of Starting Rubber Stamp Manufacturing Business

The cost and investment of starting a rubber stamp manufacturing business will depend on the size and scale of the operation. Generally, the cost factor depends on machinery cost and raw material cost. Before starting the business, having a customized project report is recommended.

However, you will need to invest a minimum of Rs. 5 Lacs to start a rubber stamp manufacturing business.

on a small scale.

4. Arrange for Funds

If you are short in funds, there are multiple ways to try for arranging startup financing needs. One can approach friends, relatives, and private investors. Credit cards also work as a good source of short-term money if used properly.

In addition, You can apply for a term loan and working capital loan to your nearby bank or any financial institution.

5. Learn Rubber Stamp Making Manufacturing Process

There are different types of methods for making different types of rubber stamps.

a) Traditional Rubber Stamp Making Process

The letter types are arranged according to the text in a composing stand(made of iron) with the help of a composing stick and fixed. Later, place this composing stand in a wooden frame. Additionally, lay a mixture of plaster of Paris and whitening powder in a metallic tray.

Then, Keep this tray on the wooden frame in which the composing stand is fixed. Then heat the entire unit for half an hour using a kerosene stove. This results in impressions of the letters in the plaster of Paris mixture.

A thin rubber sheet that is cut to the required size is spread and pressed with the help of a hand press. This results in rubber penetrating the plaster of the Paris mixture. Then, fix the impressions and molds to the metallic sheet with the synthetic adhesive. While fixing the rubber mold to the metallic piece, you can use a cushion piece in between these two. Additionally, to get the hold, fix a wooden handle to this rubber stamp

b) Polymer Rubber Stamp Making Process

These stamps are made by the use of precisely controlled Ultra Violet (UV) light. The image or text is printed by means of a laser printer on a transparent paper called Vellum. The negative of the artwork and the sachet containing the polymer are put in between two glass plates 2-3 mm apart. When you complete the UV Exposer, just cut the sachet and wash it to remove the unexposed polymer.

Then put it in the machine for 10 minutes for curing. The complete process takes about 30 minutes. These stamps do not contain any rubber. However, still, these are called rubber stamps.

This process has a lower capital investment and produces almost clear, professional-quality rubber stamps at a lower price. Additionally, you can produce these stamps without any specific skills. These are the most commonly available rubber stamps nowadays. However, before starting your business of making rubber stamps, the following points need attention:

  • All photopolymers will not make rubber stamps. The best polymer is named ‘Polymer in a Bag’. Polymers that solidify in ordinary light are not recommended. Those working under UV light are better.
  • The structural backing of the stamps is required for sticking on the mount. You can mount the stamps with good structural backing with the help of a clear silicone-based product called InstaGrip.
  • The rubber images can be sold unmounted to reduce shipping and packaging charges. The client can mount the images in the manner he likes. However, since a number of images are produced on a single sheet to reduce handling, wastage, cost, and time, you must trim the images and separate them for individual clients.

c) Pre-Inked Rubber Stamp Making Process

You can make Pre-Inked Stamps for high profits easily and quickly. These stamps are more user-friendly and popular. There are various methods and materials you can use. One of the methods of making pre-inked stamps is as follows:

First, you type your artwork on your computer. Get output the artwork from your Laser Printer onto a Transparency Sheet. Create a negative on your Polydiam Stamp Platemaker or on a Process Camera. Make a Sheet molding polymer plate on the Platemaker.

Put a matrix board and the Moulding Plate into the pre-heated Polydiam Vulcanising Press to make an impression in the Matrix Board. Then you take the Matrix Board and put it into the Moulding Chase. Pour the Polydiam Pre-Inked Resin into the Chase.

Place a Felt Pad onto it. Then cover the Chase with a board and put it into the pre-heated Vulcanising Press again to form the Pre-Inked Stamp. Once you form the Pre-Inked Stamp slab, you cool it down on a cooler or under a cooling fan. Then Cut the Stamp into the sizes required. Finally, put adhesive glue on the back and mount.

6. Rubber Stamp Making Machines

You will find a large variety of Stamp Making Machines on the market. The machine is basically your main investment in the business of rubber stamp making and, therefore, you have to be very careful in choosing the right machine.

Modern Technology has made the Stamp making business very simple. Now Rubber Stamps can be made accurately and quickly by means of computers. These machines are expensive but their production cost is low and these last longer. Modern machines can make any type of impression and image without any problem. Even, you can make stamps from photographic images.

a. Flash Stamp-Making Machine

With Flash Stamp Making Machine, you can produce a stamp in 30 seconds. Just use your computer, a laser printer, and Flash Stamp Making Equipment to start your stamp-making business.

b. Polymer Stamp-Making Machine

With polymer stamp-making a machine, you can make all types of rubber stamps. Just use your computer, laser printer, and Photopolymer Stamp Making machine to establish a complete in-house stamp production business.

7. Promote your Rubber Stamp Manufacturing Business

Having an effective marketing plan is the key to success in a rubber stamp-making business. Apart from selling rubber stamps direct to customers and dealers, you can also create a website and promote products online.

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