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Best 7 Top Logo Maker Software in 2024

Are you interested to create a logo for your small business? Find here in this article a list of top online logo maker software platforms where you can create your own logo for absolutely free.

The logo is the face of a company and occupies a very important position in branding. There are many people who want to make logos when trying to create new groups, new projects, and new companies, but their budgets and resources are insufficient at these times.

Hiring a professional designer would be the best way to build a visual identity, but the cost is high. The circumstances are changing a little due to the prosperity of high-performance logo creation services, being able to reduce the cost a lot.

Among the many free logo creation services, we introduce here in this article, the top most popular free online logo maker service providers.

List of 7 Online Logo Maker Software

1. Wix Logo Maker

logo softwareWix, one of the best-known website builders for small businesses, has recently launched a logo maker tool, which is becoming popular among people looking to create their own logos easily and inexpensively.

The tool is a little different from most online logo makers as it does not direct you to the logo builder platform initially. Instead, it asks you some basic questions in order to understand exactly your requirements and, taking them into consideration, offers you relevant logos to meet your expectations.

Find below the basic steps to create a logo on the Wix online logo maker:

Start Designing Your Logo

Add the name of your business or organization, and an optional tagline, and explain what your business or industry is in order to get the best options for you.

What best describes you and what type of Logo do You Prefer?

Choose your favorite designs among 5 sets of preset logos – your personalized logo will reflect these design preferences.

Customize Your Logo

Here you can add your personal touch by customizing the font, icon, colors, and background, and making it just the way you want it!

2. DesignEvo
logo software

DesignEvo is an online logo maker that lets you create high-quality logos with easy steps. First of all, enter the site, and you will see that everything is clean and easy to understand.

To start a logo, click on Make a Logo for Free in the middle of the page and you will be taken to a template page where more than 5,000 well-designed logos are offered. Select a category that matches your business or website, and the templates will open at the right of the screen. If you like any one of them, you can choose to start your creation with a little customization.

Next, you can edit the elements to your preference on the editing canvas.

Add and edit logo text

Double-click on any text box and input your company name or slogan. To create the perfect typography, you can change the font, color, size, style, format, alignment, glow, outline effect, and more.

Add and edit the icon

There are millions of icons available in DesignEvo. All are searchable and editable. Click the Icon tab at the left sidebar, and then enter the keywords you want to search. With only a few clicks, you can change the color, size, position, rotation, layers, etc. to meet your needs.

Save and download

When you finish a logo, you can save it after creating an account and return it to re-edit it at any time you want. By clicking on the Download button, you can get free jpg and png files. Besides, more formats and larger file sizes are available in the Basic or Plus plan.

3. Online LogoMaker

online logo makerAfter opening the online logo maker site at, you can start to create the logo as soon as you click on the Start Logo Maker button on the screen.

You will jump to the logo creation screen immediately after pressing the button. In the menu on the left, you can choose “Add Text”, “Add Symbol”, “Upload Image” and more.

Add Text

By clicking “Add Text”, you can enter a logo text or write your own brand name. It has a simple and useful text editor that lets you change font, color, size, and layer quickly.

Add Symbol

Design a logo with a rich combination of symbols! After clicking “Add Symbol”, you will see that there are a lot of categories listed. You can choose any symbol you like to add to your logo creation.

Upload Image

If you have some images prepared to use in your logo, you can also upload them by clicking on “Upload Image”. The JPG, PNG, and other popular image files are supported. You can also upload images created in advance with Photos, Photoshop, Illustrators, etc., so it’s a logo maker that you can use even if you really adhere to originality!

4. Square Space

online logo makerLet’s open which is another one of the best logo creation sites. Because the site itself is very simple and stylish, it receives the impression that it seems to be easy to use.

Let’s type the name of your brand on this screen.
Then the next moment a logo is complete. It can be seen on different projects from the business card to the Web page and the T-shirt at the bottom of the screen.

If you do not like the automatically generated logo, you can also change it with the ions listed in the lower left. You can change the position, color, size, etc.

5. Logaster

online logo makerIt is really very simple to create your logo with Logaster. You can also use this professional logo builder to design logos as well as multiple items like your envelopes, business cards, and favicons.

Click the “Create a logo for free” button. Enter the name of your activity, website, or blog, and select your industry. Logaster will then generate a wide selection of logos from which you can choose to use. If you can settle for a small image, you can download it for free. A full logo is available at $ 9.99. But you can come back to the site and modify it whenever you want.

6. Free Logo Design

free online logo makerFree Logo Design works like the Logaster listed above. On the main page, you will need to fill in two fields: the name of your activity and the category concerned.

Then you will be able to choose from an impressive range of logos associated with the name of your chosen activity. Choose the one that suits you best and modify it if necessary.

Free Logo Design offers many editing options, which allow you to change your original logo so that it is unrecognizable! To obtain a free logo, no registration is required.

7. DesignMantic

With DesignMantic, creating your logo is easy and fast. You just need to enter the name of your company and select your industry category from the list provided. The service will display many logo variations in different styles and colors.

Click on any pre-made design to select and customize it to your liking. You can change the text to create the perfect typography. There are a variety of font styles and sizes you can choose from.

Just click on the text and choose from the available options given in the drop-down menu. With a few clicks, you can move, resize and rotate the images, and select specific parts of the logo to change colors.

It’s time to design your own logo right now. With these six free logo creation services, creating an amazing logo is a breeze!

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