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Top 10 Momo Franchise Opportunities in India

Do you want to start a momo franchise business? Here in this article, we list down the top momo business opportunities in India that you can start with a small investment.

Starting a momo business is a wonderful option for entrepreneurs who want to start a low-cost food business. Currently, there are four options available in the momo retailing industry. These are momo delivery, momo QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), momo kiosk, and momo in the vending machine.

What is a Momo Franchise?

A momo franchise is a unique type of commercial agreement in which a person or organisation buys the authority to run a momo (Tibetan dumpling) shop using a well-known brand name. In this agreement, a fee or royalty is paid to the franchisor in exchange for the franchisee (the person or organisation buying the franchise) having access to the franchisor’s brand, business plan, recipes, and operational support.

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Momo franchises usually include a range of momo selections, such as inventive fillings, fusion flavours, and traditional Tibetan momos. Depending on the franchise concept and target demographic, these franchises may function as quick-service restaurants, dine-in establishments, or takeaway counters.

Advantages of Owning a Momo Franchise

Owning a Momo Franchise comes with several advantages, making it an appealing business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here are some of the key advantages of owning a Momo franchise:

⇒ Established Brand Recognition

Momo franchises are often associated with well-known and established brands in the food industry. By partnering with a recognized brand, franchisees benefit from instant brand recognition and consumer trust, which can help attract customers and drive sales.

⇒ Proven Business Model

Franchisees receive access to a proven business model developed by the franchisor. This includes standardized operating procedures, recipes, and marketing strategies that have been tested and optimized for success. Following a proven business model reduces the risk associated with starting a new business from scratch.

⇒ Training and Support

Franchisees receive comprehensive training and ongoing support from the franchisor. This includes training in momo preparation, food safety standards, customer service, and business management. Franchisees also receive support in areas such as site selection, store setup, and marketing, helping them navigate the challenges of running a successful Momo outlet.

⇒ Marketing Assistance

Franchisors often provide marketing assistance to help franchisees promote their momo outlets and attract customers. This may include national or regional advertising campaigns, promotional materials, social media support, and assistance with local marketing initiatives. Marketing support from the franchisor helps franchisees effectively reach their target audience and drive foot traffic to their outlets.

⇒ Purchasing Power

Franchisees benefit from the purchasing power of the franchisor, allowing them to procure ingredients, equipment, and supplies at discounted rates. Bulk purchasing discounts and negotiated supplier contracts help franchisees lower their operating costs and improve profit margins.

⇒ Brand Loyalty

Many momo franchise brands have a loyal customer base that frequents their outlets regularly. By owning a Momo franchise, franchisees can leverage the brand’s existing customer loyalty and capitalize on repeat business. A strong brand following can lead to sustained revenue and profitability for franchisees.

⇒ Flexibility

Momo franchises offer varying formats and sizes, providing franchisees with flexibility in choosing the type of outlet that suits their preferences and budget. Franchisees can opt for quick-service kiosks, dine-in restaurants, or takeaway counters based on their target market and location.

⇒ Growth Opportunities

Successful franchisees may have the opportunity to expand their momo business by opening additional outlets or exploring new territories. Franchisors often support franchisees in expansion efforts, providing guidance and resources to help them grow their business portfolio.

List of 10 Momo Franchises in India

#1. Momos on Wheels

It is a food truck model. The company provides a solution to provide healthy and tasty food on the street. The company transports products anywhere without installing a kitchen.

Also, The Momos on Wheels offers four different franchise models for entrepreneurs. These are distribution, medium franchise, small franchise, and micro franchise.

#2. Momoman

The Momoman is a Gujarat-based company. The Company offers four different franchise models for entrepreneurs. These are QSR, Momoman Wagon, Momo Cycles, and Momos on Foot. Also, it offers to master franchises in different states throughout the nation.

The company provides an intensive training program and a hand-holding guide to the new franchise owners.

#3. The Momo Station

Momo Station is a Delhi-based company. It has plenty of presence throughout Delhi. Currently, the company is offering franchise opportunities pan India.

The company promises to provide Momo with quality food at an affordable price. The company has three franchise business models depending on the investment scale. These are The Kiosk, The Take-Away, and The Restaurant model.

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#4. 6 Pack Momos

The 6 Pack Momos is a ‘Take Away’ chain of Momo. They have more than 250 different types of momos for the foodies. The company operates in the vending business model.

It runs ultra-advanced movable carts that offer more than 250 momo varieties. The brand produces a wide variety of momos using automated momo-making machines. With a very small startup capital, you can open a 6 Pack Momos stall in your area.

#5. Dumpling Momo Franchise

Dumpling Momo, a brainchild of Mohit Kumar Bhati and Manish Kedia, offers a wide range of delicious snacks. The brand offers more than 48 varieties of momos and quenches.

Additionally, the company offers some innovative types of momos like the Veg Harabhara momo and the Dimshom momo. Currently, the company is offering a franchise opportunity throughout the nation to expand the brand.

#6. Momo Zone

Momo Zone is a Delhi-based organization. The company believes in investing in info and building strong sustainable value for its shareholders, customers, and employees. The franchise model is very simple and also low-cost.

Momo Zone offers channel partner business opportunities for new entrepreneurs. The company provides equipped momo carts along with other accessories for operation.

#7. April 3rd Foods

Currently, April3rdFoods is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of handcrafted frozen Momos in India. It is a Bangalore-based company. The company is looking for distributors as a plan for expansion.

Also, the company does online marketing and shares leads with distributors. Additionally, April 3rd Foods provides free Product samples and marketing brochures on demand. As the company provides handmade frozen momo, you don’t need to establish any kitchen.

#8. Momo Nation Cafe – Momo Franchise

Momo Nation Cafe is a Delhi-based company. The company offers two different business models for the would-be franchise partners.

The first, one is the Take-Away or Delivery or Food Court model. And the second is the dining model. Apart from momo, the Momo Nation Cafe offers a wide range of delicious products.

#9. Momo King

Momo King is a Malaysia-based company. Already the brand has a presence in six major markets which include the US, Europe, the Philippines, Australia, Bangladesh, and Malaysia market.

So, it’s a global brand. The company has opened its first store in India in Gurgaon. In India, the company has an expansion plan to open 120 outlets over two years.

#10. Dimsum Momo Express

Dimsum (Momo) Express is a group of quick-service restaurants. The company offers a variety of tasty dim sum at an affordable price. The wide variety of dim sum includes several different wraps, fillings, and cooking styles, including crystal, wonton, steamed, pan-fried, baked, and oven-roasted tandoori flavours.

Currently, the company is offering franchise opportunities throughout India for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Momo franchise in India?

The best momo franchise in India depends on various factors such as brand reputation, menu variety, support provided by the franchisor, and market demand. Franchisees should research and evaluate different franchise options to find the one that best suits their preferences and goals.

How much does it cost to open a Momo franchise in India?

The cost of opening a Momo franchise in India varies depending on factors such as the brand, location, size of the outlet, and franchise fees. Franchisees should inquire with specific franchisors to get detailed information about initial investment requirements.

What training and support are provided to Momo franchisees?

Franchisors typically provide comprehensive training in momo preparation, food safety standards, customer service, and business management to franchisees. Additionally, franchisees receive ongoing support in areas such as site selection, store setup, marketing, and operational management.

How can I apply for a Momo franchise in India?

Prospective franchisees can usually apply for a momo franchise directly through the franchisor’s website or by contacting their franchise development team. The franchisor will typically review applications and conduct interviews with potential franchisees to assess their suitability for the franchise opportunity.

Can I own multiple Momo franchise outlets?

Many franchisors allow franchisees to own multiple outlets, subject to certain criteria such as financial stability, operational capability, and approval from the franchisor. Franchisees interested in owning multiple outlets should discuss their options with the franchisor.

What are the ongoing fees associated with owning a Momo franchise?

Ongoing fees associated with owning a Momo franchise may include royalty fees based on a percentage of sales, advertising fees, and other ongoing expenses stipulated in the franchise agreement. Franchisees should review the terms of the agreement to understand their financial obligations.

What marketing support is provided to Momo franchisees?

Franchisors often provide marketing support to franchisees, including access to marketing materials, promotional campaigns, social media support, and national advertising efforts. Franchisees may also benefit from the brand’s established marketing channels and customer base.

What are the eligibility criteria for owning a Momo franchise?

Eligibility criteria for owning a momo franchise vary depending on the franchisor’s requirements. Generally, prospective franchisees should have a passion for the food industry, business acumen, and the financial capability to invest in the franchise.

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