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12 Best Free Job Posting Sites in India for 2022

    Are you looking for employing the right talents in your organization and post an advertisement for free? If yes, you have landed at the right place.

    As a small business owner, it is always expensive to pay for hiring manpower for your organization. Free job posting sites are the perfect solution for small business owners unable to pay for recruiting employees in their companies.

    What are the Benefits of Posting Free Jobs for Recruiting Employees?

    It is a matter of fact that for recruiting personnel in an organization, the best is the paid option. This is true especially for the recruitment of senior professionals.

    Premium job postings provide you a host of benefits like for example access to the already screened database of candidates looking for jobs.

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    However, startups and small business owners often find it challenging to pay big fees charged by premium job boards. In this scenario, free job posting sites play a big role in helping them recruit employees.

    Additionally, for freshers and bulk recruitment, free job sites offer a better response as freshers tend to post resumes more on this kind of platform.

    List of 12 Most Popular Free Job Posting Sites in India

    Here we list down the most popular free Indian ob posting websites in random order.

    #1. Indeed

    If you are looking for quality people but don’t have the budget to advertise in paid job portals, Indeed is the best answer to your problem.

    #2. National Career Service

    National Career Service is an online recruitment portal. It is maintained by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India.

    This portal helps small businesses with free job postings in India. This online job portal is an initiative as part of the Skills India and Make in India endeavor.

    #3. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is another most popular free job posting site for corporate profiles. And this social media site is effective too. However, the company also provides paid posting. And the title of the job and geographical location determine the cost of a job posting.


    Quikr is now one of the most popular classified ad posting sites in India. Though you can post anything, the job segment is increasingly popular on the free job posting site.

    #5. FreshersWorld

    Freshers World job portal is perfect for companies looking for freshers. When you post your job you will get 100 relevant job profiles instantly through RPE(Relevant Profile Extractor) Technology.

    #6. CareerJet

    CareerJet offers jobs across 45 categories including traditional industries like banking, healthcare, media, and legal, as well as more niche specialties like aerospace, agriculture, robotics, and steel. Careerjet’s technology can index job offers from an unlimited number of websites irrespective of structure, design, or language.

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    #7. CareerAge 

    CareerAge also offers free job postings. However, the company offers it for a limited period of time. Additionally, it provides free resume database access. The company also provides resume alerts about new Job seekers of your interest.

    #8. PlacementIndia

    PlacementIndia job portal provides services for recruiters and placement service providers, as recruitment classified, job posting, placement websites, etc. Recruiters can post job offers on the portal and announce their job vacancies amongst the huge database of potential candidates.

    #9. Careesma

    You can post jobs on Careesma for free. However, the company offers free posting for a one-month duration only. In addition, after the first month, you will still be able to post 1 basic job every month for Free.


    OLX is a popular classified ad posting website in India. You can post your job openings for free from this website. Here, you can just post your ad by visiting their official site

    #11. is another popular classified site in India. With several other segments, this portal offers free job posting for employers and recruiters. And definitely, the portal offers an organized option of posting free jobs. Even the site offers resume posting also for job seekers.

    #12. Glassdoor

    Glassdoor is essentially a website platform for employees to review their companies anonymously. Though Glassdoor is a US-based organization, it also offers recruitment services to candidates in India.

    Free job posting sites are the best solutions for small business owners who run a company with a tight financial budget. We hope this list of top 10 free job posting sites will definitely help you in finding the right talent for your organization.