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17 Best Wallet Brands for Men in India for 2024

Do you want to know the top wallet companies for men? If yes, you are in the right place. Find here a selected list of the top best wallet brands for men in India at present.

A wallet is one of the most essential accessories for men. Generally, when we decide to buy a leather wallet, we look for the best-selling brands. Additionally, there are several brands of men’s wallets we can find in the market. And the different brands cater to a wide range of prices also.

In selecting the top brands, we kept our focus focusing on popularity, customer feedback, and last year’s sales volume. Check them out.

17 Wallet Brands for Men in India

#1. Urban Forest

Urban Forest opened in the fall of 2015 to offer the best lifestyle clothing and footwear the outdoor industry provides. The company provides a wide range of leather bags including wallets for men. The design and style are very attractive. Additionally, all men’s wallets come with genuine leather.

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#2. WildHorn

WildHorn is a Kolkata-based leather wallet brand. The company is one of the most reputed leather wallet brands in India. The collection of products varies from small appealing wallets to enticing Leather Garments, Different Sorts of Bags, Belts, etc. Generally, the leather wallet price starts from Rs 400 onwards.

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#3. Hidesign

Hidesign is another leading wallet brand for men in India. The company was founded by Dilip Kumar and is based in Puducherry in India.

If you have a budget of Rs. 1000 or more, Hidesign has a huge collection of exquisitely designed men’s wallets in their kitty. The products are made of genuine leather and RFID protected.

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#4. Tommy Hilfiger

This is another great leather wallet brand you can buy products in India. Tommy Hilfiger is an American multinational corporation that designs and manufactures high-end apparel for men, women, and children.

Additionally, the company caters to a wide range of licensed products such as footwear, accessories, fragrances, and home furnishings. It targets customers in the 25 to 40-year-old range.

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#5. K London

K London wallets for men are the best when it comes to cool wallets. The design of these wallets is detailed and looks sharp. The wallets are comfortable to carry and come in some of the most amazing colors and textures. This is a great wallet to pick if you like the style and are looking for a different pattern.

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#6. Le Craf

Le Craf is a Kolkata-based Indian leather wallet-making company. The company produces stylish and attractive leather wallets for men. Generally, the wallets from this company come with genuine handcrafted leather. The price starts from Rs 500 onwards.

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#7. Levis

The culture of Levi Strauss & Co. is fueled by strong values, creativity, and hard work. The company is one of the most popular jeans items products in the world. Additionally, the company produces both jeans and leather wallets for men. Levis Wallets is perfectly sized and secures your valuables in style.

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#8. Puma

Puma is a German multinational company and is commonly known as Puma SE. Basically, the company manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel, and accessories. Puma produces leather wallets for both men and women. Most of its men’s wallets are light in weight and comfortable to use and their colors are classic and stylish. In addition, the bags are waterdrop durable. So in the rainy season, you don’t need to face any problems.

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#9. Style98

Style98 is a popular brand for leather wallets in online marketplaces. The wallets come with attractive designs and patterns. The company produces leather wallets with genuine leather. In addition, you can find leather wallets for both men and women.

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#10. Swiss Military

The Swiss Military operates in 26 countries globally. The brand is popular in serving every aspect of Men’s Lifestyle from Travel Gear, Writing Instruments, Watches, Garments, Accessories, Kitchenware, Eye Gear, Leather Goods, Outdoor/Hiking, Footwear, Cosmetics & Electronics with over 1800 present SKUs in a global portfolio.

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#11. Titan

Titan is a renowned brand in India from the house of Tata. Apart from Titan, the company has another popular brand Fastrack. Generally, the price of the wallets starts at Rs 600. Almost every online marketplace sells Titan wallets. However, you can buy the wallets online from the Titan store also.

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#12. American Tourister

Sol Koffler founded Americal Tourister in 1933. Nowadays, this is one of the best luggage companies worldwide. In 1993, American Tourister was acquired by Samsonite, marking the union of the world’s greatest luggage brands.

The brand continues to grow and is present in over 90 countries worldwide. American Tourister is one of the leading leather wallet brands for men, trusted by Indian customers.

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#13. US Polo Association

Wallets from US Polo Association boast rich leather and a slimmed-down design for a classic look. Secret pockets and memory card slots are a couple of unique and interesting features of this wallet. The products are a good bargain against their prices and the quality is assuring too.

You will get a wide variety of wallets for men under Rs. 1000 price band from US Polo Association.

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#14. Baggit

Established in the year 1990 by Nina Lekhi, Baggit is at present one of the leading fashion accessory brands in India. It is an Indian brand selling both economy and premium wallets and handbags for men and women.

The primary target customers of the company are between 18 years and 35 years. Apart from their own flagship retail showrooms, they also have a wide franchise network of stores in various cities if India.

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#15. Am Leather

Am Leather is an Indian company. The Am Leather is based on traditional family values with broadminded current management skills with a philosophy that people in the organization and the customers are its strong foundation. The company produces only genuine leather items. Generally, the leather wallet price starts from Rs 500 onwards.

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#16. Fashion Freak

Fashion Freak is a specialized company for the highest quality wallets and passport holders for the best prices. In addition, the company makes the best wallets and passport holders at the most competitive prices across the industry.

Every Fashion Freak wallet has an elegant design that can easily fit in your front pocket or back pocket. The size of the wallet is perfect to carry all of your cards, and cash receipts, with a luxurious feel and contrasting threads to impress and keep up with consistent and long-term use – for years if not decades.

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#17. Hammonds Flycatcher

Hammond Flycatcher is a popular wallet brand in India promoted by Hindustan Foam, a leading leather bag manufacturing company in Kolkata. The company offers an extensive line of leather wallets and bags.

All the men’s wallets for men from Hammonds Flycatcher are fabricated with tough and sturdy leather, for a quality finish. Furthermore, it offers you a terrific array of wallets for casual as well as formal use.

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More Best Brands in India

We hope this wide list of the best leather wallet brands will help you get information to buy branded leather wallets online.