surgical bandage making

How to Start Surgical Bandage Making Manufacturing Business

Surgical bandage-making projects can be initiated on a small scale with moderate capital investment. The demand for Surgical Bandage is found all throughout the year. A surgical bandage is a product manufactured from white bleached cotton gauge cloth of suitable quality.

The surgical bandage comes in a roll form with an average length of 3 to 4 meters. With proper Machinery, you can make Surgical bandages and can supply orders in hospitals, nursing homes, medicine stores, health centers, and clinics. Remember, before starting this business you need a business license.

In view of the growth in the healthcare facilities network, an increase in the demand for various medicines and non-medicine items. It has been realized that the surgical bandage-making project is feasible to start.

A wide range of products both medicines and non-drug items such as surgical bandages are required as consumables in hospitals and basic health units. At present the industry consist of around 136 units in the organized sector hence there is a good scope for new investment.

Stepwise Guide on Starting Surgical Bandage Manufacturing Business

1. Learn the Surgical Bandage Making Manufacturing Process

The main raw material for surgical bandage making is bleached cotton gauge cloth of suitable quality, conforming to IS-758/1925. The width of cloth ranges from 2.5 to 15 cm and length from 3 to 4 meters.
The cloth which is used to make Bandage is to be sourced from the local market.

At first, you have to make the cloth germ-free with some process. Now roll up the cloth. in the indicated place of the machine. You have to cut the cloth in the indicated size you want with Cutting Machine. Now start the machine.

It needs a ½ hp motor to operate the Cutting Machine. It needs a 1 hp motor and 220 volts to operate the Rolling Machine.

3. Choose a Location for Surgical Bandage Manufacturing Unit

If you are starting on a small scale, you don’t need much space to operate the bandage-making unit. A space of 1000 Sq. ft will be enough to start with. Select a location that is not far from the local wholesale market, hospitals, and nursing homes so that your transportation cost of delivery of items does not rise high.

4. Create a Bandage Business Project Plan

Create a business project plan for your bandage manufacturing unit. If you are unable to do it for yourself, take help from professionals who will create a business plan at a nominal fee.

5. Arrange Finance

If you are financing the surgical bandage manufacturing unit of your own, you can skip this chapter. However, if you looking for finance, you need to have a properly documented business plan report. This report will play the most important role when pitching for raising funds to investors or financial institutions.

6. Legal Compliances

Firstly, decide on the type of business structure under which your manufacturing unit is going to operate. In addition, check with appropriate local authorities about the licenses and permits required to run the business.

7. Manufacturing Machine and Raw Materials with Best Price

The main raw material required for bandage making is either cotton yarn or cotton fabrics. You can easily source from the local market or directly from the textile factories nearby.

The basic equipment required to make bandages is a Rolling machine, a Trimming machine, Cutting equipment, a Folding and pressing machine for gauze, Mixing tanks for processing medicated dressing, a Hot air dry oven, Steam sterilizer, Worktables, etc.

The entire cost of the Surgical Bandage Making equipment including the motor will cost a minimum of 4 Lacs in Indian Rupee.

8. Promote tour Surgical Bandage Product Items

Networking is the key to success in this business. Talk to hospitals, nursing homes, and local pharmacy retailers and pitch your product. Create a marketing plan. In addition to this, having a website for your bandage-making business will add confidence among customers of your products. If you want to cater to a wider audience, try to create an online retail store.

Finally, have patience and concentrate on the production and delivery of your items. It takes some time to instill confidence in your products in the mind of customers. Once you create trust among the buyers, your surgical bandage manufacturing business is surely going to make sustainable profits.