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Best 6 Profitable Potato Processing Business Ideas

    Potato is an important cash crop globally. And India ranks as the world’s third-largest potato-producing nation. Apart from the fresh consumption, there are several value-added potato products popular in the market. The object of crafting this article is to provide the most profitable potato processing business ideas to entrepreneurs.

    Potato processing is gaining importance in our country. The increasing demand for processed food in the urban areas is the major reason for increasing the demand. Additionally, the increasing number of fast food outlets in the metros and even smaller cities is also contributing towards this.

    Any individual can start potato processing unit with moderate startup capital investment. Additionally, you can start potato processing business by two ways. Either with a single product or you can start multiple product production unit. When you opt for the first option, it definitely allows you to start a operate the business with comparatively small capital investment.

    On the other hand, if you want to produce multiple products, it demands a large infrastructure. Additionally, you will need to put comparatively more money into the business.

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    List of 6 Lucrative Potato Processing Business Ideas

    #1. French Fries

    French fries are very popular in the developed countries. In India, the quantity of French fries consumed is much less compared to potato chips. However, the demand for French fries is increasing gradually. The manufacturing process is simple.

    In addition, you can initiate the business with small infrastructure. Selecting the right raw material plays an important role in making good quality french fries. Therefore, you must procure good variety matured potato for your french fry making business.

    #2. Potato Chips

    Potato chips hold the largest share in the processed potato items. And definitely, the organized sectors are increasing the production capacity of their unit. Chips color, crispiness, and taste determine the quality of potato chips. However, all potatoes are not suitable for chipping.

    For producing good quality chips, potatoes should meet certain quality requirements. Additionally, you must select the potatoes that are round to round-oval in shape with fleet eyes. Besides higher dry matter content of potatoes results in

    For producing good quality chips, potatoes should meet certain quality requirements. Additionally, you must select the potatoes that are round to round-oval in shape with fleet eyes. Besides higher dry matter content of potatoes results in higher yield of chips and lower consumption of the frying medium. Read More…

    #3. Potato Dried Slice

    Generally, dried potato slices are the raw potato chips. And this item is very popular both in the rural and urban markets. These are not a ready-to-eat item. The manufacturing process is simple. Even you can start this business from your home. However, you must provide an airtight and moisture proof packaging for long shelf life.

    #4. Potato Flour

    Potato flour is an essential ingredient in the bakery and processed food industries. Generally, bakery and confectioneries are the major consumers of this product. Additionally, the big hotels and restaurants procure this item for product thickening purpose.

    Generally, 1 kg potato yields about 200 g flour. The manufacturing process is simple. You can initiate a small scale unit with an area of 600 Sq Ft. The good quality potato flour has increased demand in the market.

    #5. Potato Powder

    Potato powder is an innovative value-added item in the potato processing industry. The potato powder is of great use for commercial purposes. The manufacturing process is equally interesting and involves techniques for larger production. Generally, potato powder is used as a binder, thickener, breading, baking ingredient and an extender.

    #6. Potato Starch

    Potato starch is superior to cereal starches in many ways. It has large granule size (5-100um). In addition, the lipid content is low and it has the higher water binding capacity and high solubility. Besides having the low protein content, it helps in avoiding foam building and color formation. It also has higher phosphorus content and higher swelling volume.

    Several industries use potato starch as the premium ingredient. Food industries use potato starch as the thickener in sauces, gravy, puddings, soups, etc. Bakery industry uses this item as softening agents in cakes, bread, biscuits, and cookies.

    In textile processing, it gives the finished cloth a smooth surface and better feels and hence is preferred in warp sizing. Furthermore, paper and pharmaceutical industries are the major consumers of this product.

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    If you are living in a potato growing area, then you can consider starting a potato processing unit of your own. Because the potato is a seasonal vegetable and the regular supply is necessary for your unit. Also, you can go for contract farming with local potato growers as well.