gelatin capsule manufacturing business

How To Start Empty Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing Business

The empty gelatin capsule is an essential item in the pharmaceutical industry. Here in this article, we intend to explore how to start a small-scale gelatin capsule manufacturing business.

In India, there is a huge demand for gelatin capsules in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Almost every medicine manufacturers procure empty gelatin capsules from its manufacturers. However, the business demands substantial startup capital investment.

And any individual can start this manufacturing business with strategic planning. However, if you have previous experience in the industry then it is the best business for you. Additionally, students with an educational background in pharmaceuticals can start this business. Moreover, this is a very lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Here are the Steps to follow to Start Empty Gelatin Capsule Business

1. Is Empty Gelatin Capsule Making Business Profitable?

The demand for an empty gelatin capsule is growing rapidly worldwide. However, evolving pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries across the globe is the key driver for the growth of this market. A growing aging population, rising income levels, and increasing awareness of personal health are also the major reason for the growth.

Industry experts are expecting substantial growth of this product in the coming five years. North America and the Asia Pacific region are the major consumers of this product. However, the Asia-Pacific region represents the highest growth opportunity for the Empty Capsules Market during the forecast period of 2014 to 2019.

Additionally, this product has good export potential in the international market. And USA, Nepal, Bangladesh, Spain, Thailand, and Kenya are the potential consumer of the gelatin capsule from India. Therefore, starting an empty gelatin capsule manufacturing is a lucrative and viable business for entrepreneurs.

2. Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing Business Compliance

Empty gelatin capsule manufacturing demands several registrations and licenses. It is advisable to check your state law carefully before commencing. Additionally, consult with an industry expert to check the specific tax liabilities. However, here we put some of the major considerations.

  • Registration of the business with ROC is mandatory. Select the right form of the organization before registration.
  • Apply for Udyog Aadhaar MSME online registration
  • You must comply with the cGMP guidelines.
  • Apply for NOC from the Pollution Control Board
  • Get the certification of ISO
  • Apply for GST Registration.

3. Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing Plant Setup & Raw Material

In starting this business, you must secure an area of at least 5000 Sq Ft. Because the business attracts huge elaborate operations. These are preparing the gelatin, capsule formation, packaging, printing, storage, and R&D. Additionally, you will need to ensure major utilities. These are electricity and water.

Try to prepare an inside floor plan. It helps in electrification and water supply arrangements. Also, ensure specific spaces for specific operations.

You can start in two ways. One is by procuring gelatin from the manufacturers and forming capsules. Otherwise, you can produce gelatin in your factory. Definitely, the second option is more profitable than the 1st one.

The major raw material is cattle bone for gelatin manufacturing. Other major required raw materials are pharma-grade sugar, sorbitol, propylene glycol, soluble dyes/ pigments, different flavors, glycerine, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Titanium dioxide, etc.

Additionally, you will need to arrange printing and packaging consumables. The list includes printed aluminum foil, labeling cartoons, packaging cartons, printing ink, packing label, seal gum, ink, etc.

4. Empty Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing Process

This type of manufacturing process attracts high-quality manufacturing technology. You must procure the technology from a reliable source. However, here we put a broad outline.

Step 1

Procure the raw materials from reliable vendors and check the quality. Then mix the gelatin with hot de-mineralized water. Additionally, after mixing, transfer the solution to stainless steel feed tanks.

Step 2

Add dyes, opacifiers, and water (if needed) with the solution. Next, you will need to form the capsules with Pin Bars by dipping them into the solution.

Step 3

The next step is drying. Here pass the air for maintaining exact volume, temperature, and humidity.

Step 4

Remove the capsules from the Pin Bars. Join the capsule bodies with caps in the joiner blocks. Additionally, monitor the capsule quality including size, moisture content, single wall thickness, and color.

Step 5

Print the company name and logo on the capsules. Therefore, the final steps are sterilization and packaging.

5. Hire Manpower

Empty gelatin manufacturing is a knowledge-based business. And you have to keep the right manpower for smooth operation. However, here we put a basic list of requirements.

  • Administrative head –  M. Pharm and MBA with 10 years of experience.
  • Production manager – M Pharm with experience in a specific field
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Accountant
  • Pharmacist
  • Storekeeper

This industry is hugely lucrative. However, technology is changing rapidly. So you must produce an upgraded quality gelatin capsule for getting better acceptability in the market.