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Is Uber Eats Franchise Available in India?

Do you run a restaurant and want to expand your sales volume? Looking for registering with Uber Eats? Unfortunately, you can’t buy a Uber Eats franchise anymore. They have discontinued their services in India. However, there are alternative food delivery franchises available in India.

Important Update: Uber Eats in India has discontinued operations and direct restaurants in India. Uber Eats India is now Zomato.

Uber Eats is an American online food ordering and delivery platform. It was launched by Uber in the year 2014. this multinational food delivery brand entered the Indian market in the year of 2017. Though UberEats controls over 29% of the food delivery market in the world, it failed to be successful as expected in the country. As a consequence, the company discontinued its operations in India and sold its stakes to Zomato.

Understand How Uber Eats Business Works?

Uber Eats is a software application wherein customers can book food by browsing menus of local restaurants listed in the Uber App. When a customer signs up for an account and opens the Uber App, a list of local restaurants partnered with the Uber App is flashed on the screen. The customer can browse and view the menus of the listed restaurants. They can select the items they want and order accordingly.

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A delivery driver appointed by Uber App will pick up the food from that selected restaurant and delivers it to you. The app handles all the payments and there is no need for cash transactions.

Is Uber Eats Franchise Available in India?

No. You can’t be a partner of Uber Eats anymore. Uber Eats has discontinued its food delivery business in India. They have sold their entire business to Zomato.

Alternatives to Uber Eats Franchise Business

Presently, there are many food delivery aggregators operating successfully in India. Some of the most popular players in this industry are Swiggy, Zomato, FoodPanda, etc.

Though there are presently many players in the food delivery aggregator market, Uber Eats is surely one of the most sought-after Apps for Indian customers when it comes to ordering food online. If you run a restaurant and looking to expand your sales and develop your brand, Uber Eats is worth considering. We hope this article will help you in understanding the Uber App Registration process in a much simpler way.