Peesh Venture Capital

Peesh Venture Capital Makes First Investment in India in MeetUniv

Peesh Venture Capital (PVC), a US-based venture capital firm, today announced its first investment in MeetUniv, an overseas college search and information startup for students. The fund has invested Rupees 6 crore in MeetUniv .

MeetUniv offers college search and information startup for students looking at pursuing higher education abroad. The platform also provides personalized guidance and direct engagement with universities to its users.

Peesh Venture Capital had earlier announced that it has earmarked a venture capital fund of Rupees 310 crore for early-stage investments in India.

“It is a market space which has not been explored appropriately and has a lot of potentials to solve the problems faced by the Indian aspirants. We are hopeful about seeing a lot of growth & development in this space in future,” said Peesh Chopra, managing director, Peesh Venture Capital.

He added, the money will be utilized to expand companies operations in US and others. He said that MeetUniv solves an important problem faced by the Indian students who plan to pursue education overseas but have no access to information required to select the right course and university, thus taking the most critical decision of their life on basis of inadequate data.

“Our network will help the company to reach out to around 2,000 universities,” said Chopra, adding that the key attraction on the start-up was an experience of the founders and business model.

MeetUniv Co-founder Nitin Kapoor claimed that MeetUniv commented that with more than 75,000 students counseled, MeetUniv is on its way to becomes the largest platform for connecting students with universities/experts. Now the company has around 15 full-time staff.

MeetUniv offers a listing of 3,000 colleges & universities and one of the largest course information listing of 40,000 undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) courses from USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and many more countries.

PVC has an aim to build India technology ventures in the IoT and mobile space. PVC aims to build India technology ventures in the IoT and mobile space. Peesh Venture Capital has recently launched two accelerators in Bangalore and Gurgaon.