dish wash bar manufacturing business

How to Start Dishwash Bar Manufacturing Business

Do you want to start a business in the dishwashing industry? Find here a detailed dish wash bar liquid-making business plan for your ready reference. Dishwasher bar and liquid are FMCG homecare products. And almost every household uses these items on a regular basis. The market is already wide. And the demand is increasing too.

The dish wash bar liquid helps to clean dishes, cups, and utensils. Basically, the detergent ingredients are used to help cut grease off of dishes and to remove food that is stuck in the dishes. Actually, the gelling agents help get rid of stuck-on food particles, and anti-foaming agents assist in washing activity.

Additionally, the liquid comes in a concentrated gel form. And it is used for mixing it with water. You can start manufacturing and selling dish wash bar liquid on a small-scale basis. The business demands strategic planning and moderate capital investment.

Is Dish wash Bar & Liquid Making Business Profitable?

The use of a dishwashing bar is increasing very fast in both developed and developing countries. Apart from washing dishes, people clean the kitchen appliances too with this type of bar and liquid. Additionally, hotels, restaurants, resorts, and caterers are also the major buyers of this product.

Generally, the availability in the local market determines the sale volumes. People rarely have any brand restrictions on the time of buying this type of item. Additionally, availability in the malls and supermarkets ensures regular turnover.

8 Steps to Start Dishwash Bar Manufacturing Business

First of all, you need to check the local market condition. At your location, identify the leading brands. Additionally, identify their flagship products, packaging style, pricing, and marketing strategy. Also, it will help you to identify potential competitors.

1. Create a Business Plan

Crafting a business plan is a must. Basically, you will need to craft the business plan to get a blueprint of the business. Additionally, a well-written business plan helps in getting finance and investors’ confidence. In the dishwasher bar liquid manufacturing business plan, including your mission, vision, and business goal.

Additionally, mention what type of products you want to produce. Pay attention to the financial calculations. Additionally, craft a marketing plan too.

2. Licensing & Registration

Generally, this type of business doesn’t demand huge licenses. However, you must check the business laws of your state. It depends on the location where you want to establish the business. Additionally, check whether you need any pollution license or not.

Also, you will need to register your business. And for that, you have to select a suitable form of business organization. Consult with a local tax consultant. He or she will definitely help you in understanding the upcoming tax liabilities and how to monitor the daily basis activity in your organization.

3. Manufacturing Unit Setup

For establishing the unit, you will need to acquire a location. It is better to secure a space in the industrial zone. Basically, it will help you in getting the right electricity, water, parking facility for goods vehicles, transport facility, and skilled manpower.

Generally, a 1000 Sq Ft covered area is sufficient for a small-scale operation. You will need to determine specific space for production operation, storage, packaging, and administrative work.

4. Machinery

You can establish the dishwasher bar liquid-making unit in two ways. Either as the manual or as an automatic. For the manual operation, you will need to install, a grinder, bar-making machine, cutting machine, packaging machine, weighing scale, etc.

Basically, in an automatic production operation, all machines work at the same time integrated with each other.

5. Arrange Resources

Actually, the manufacturing business demands so many other resources apart from machinery and raw materials. First of all, you need skilled human resources for the production unit, accounting, transportation, and marketing also.

Additionally, you will need specific integrated ERP software solutions for regular monitoring. So, according to your specific requirement procure the resources plan fully.

6. Raw Materials

Basically, the requirement of specific raw materials demands the specific type of products you want to produce. However, some of the required raw materials are alkylbenzene sulphonate, fatty acid soaps, fatty alcohol, ester, and similar compounds, optical brighteners, phosphates, and anti-redeposition agents, certain other chemicals.

7. Manufacturing Process

Basically, the process comprises mixing in a ventilated vessel, a dry mixture of sodium tripolyphosphate, and chlorinated trisodium phosphate. The ratio of the volume of the dry mixture and the volume of the vessel is between about 1:25 and 1:8.

An aqueous solution of silicate is sprayed onto the dry mixture to form an agglomerate during the hydration of the sodium tripolyphosphate. The formed agglomerate is sprayed with a nonionic surfactant. The treated agglomerate is coated with silicate.

The coated agglomerate is mixed in the vessel while being discharged from the vessel. The silicate-coated agglomerate inhibits chlorine loss from the dishwasher detergent over extended periods.

8. Promote your Dishwash Bar Liquid Making Business

As these are FMCG products, you must pay attention to the retail distribution and pricing. You must fix competitive pricing. So that regular users can shift to your brands without losing any extra money.

In addition to that, you must run some advertising campaigns in print and electronic media. And for this, TV channels play an important role. Also, you may consider combo packing and offer gifts to promote your dishwasher bar liquid manufacturing business.