ATM Space Renting | Small Business Idea | Guide

Demand for retail space for business is growing rapidly in India in recent years. As space is a perishable item, the demand for retail space in business locations is ever increasing. Banking organizations in India are on a spree to reach customers as near as possible. Hence the demand for space for ATM is high.The banks usually rent the place for the certain amount of years and the contract is renewed every two or three years. Normally space requirement for installing ATM machines is not much. You need a small room to accommodate ATM machine, electrical amenities and little floor area for customer transactions. If you are looking forward to a fixed monthly income, ATM space renting is a good business proposition.

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ATM Space Renting – Things to Consider

The location for ATM is most important. Banks look for locations mainly in business locations or high density upwardly mobile residential locations. The preferred location should be beside the main road. This is because it has to be accessible to the people for making transactions. Security is another issue banks consider in ATM space renting. The location should be safe enough for people in using the ATM. Understand the terms and conditions of the agreement with banks before signing. It is advisable to consult a lawyer before signing the ATM space renting agreement.

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Investment on ATM space renting is a profitable and secure business opportunity as you deal with credible big organizations. The demand for the ATM space around the country is growing as of banks are trying to make themselves available in every possible corner of the country. The RBI has authorized more six to seven non-banking financial companies as of today to allot the spaces for ATM in the country.

If you have space near to your house or business place, you can consider in ATM space renting and rent it out safely and confidently for a continuous fixed income.