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Top 10 Best Agricultural Colleges In India

India is an agricultural-based economy, we all know that. But there is still tremendous growth potential in the agricultural sector in the country. Graduates of Agriculture can help the economy by providing the necessary boost that is needed. Here, in this article, we list down a list of the best agricultural colleges in India for your ready reference.

With India being situated in the tropical region, and having some of the most fertile lands for irrigation – the scope of possibilities is endless.

The country also has many good colleges but, graduating from one of the Best Agricultural Colleges In India stands for a much higher value.

This raises the question then – which are the Best Agricultural Colleges In India.

Well, we have your back, our team has done their research and has come up with a list of only the best ones in the country.

List of 10 Agricultural Colleges In India

1. Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi

IRAI or popularly known as Pusa Institute is one of India’s best agricultural colleges. Situated in the capital, New Delhi, the college is run and governed by the Indian Council for Agriculture Research (ICAR).

In 1958 the college also attained the status of a deemed university. This meant that it could carry out individual research work in the field of agriculture.

The college itself has all the facilities that you would expect with the backing up of state-of-the-art machinery and experienced professors.

2. National Dairy Research Institute – Karnal

Situated in a city in Haryana, Karnal – the National Dairy Research Institute also offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs in Agriculture, Horticulture among others.

The college holds a reputed position as a result of its fine facilities as well as reputed research programs. They also have a great track record with placements to some of the best employers on completion of their courses.

The campus itself is over 560 hectares (about 1,383 acres) and houses various labs, hostels, complexes, etc.

The University aims to develop sustainable farming systems for improving productivity and profitability in agriculture.

3. Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, New Delhi

The Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute is also run and governed by the Indian Council for Agriculture Research (ICAR).

Founded in 1978 and located also in New Delhi the college is spread over an area of about 500 hectares (approx. 1250 acres) with 20 divisions and 5 multi-disciplinary centers.

With over 3540 staff of teachers and administrators and supporting personnel, the college provides comprehensive academic know-how in every aspect of agriculture for the students.

Placements are taken care of by a separate cell established for monitoring the student’s performance and also guides the students on how to approach the companies.

4. Punjab Agricultural University

Coming in at number 4 on the Best Agricultural Colleges In India list is the prestigious Punjab Agricultural University. Established way back in 1964, the college was one of the first agricultural colleges in the country.

It is said that the Punjab Agricultural University had a part to play in the green revolution that came to India during the 1970s.

Nowadays there are many courses that they offer but the most notable ones are bachelor’s and master’s level degrees in Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Processing, and Food Engineering among others.

5. Swami Keshwanand Rajasthan Agricultural University (SKRAU), Bikaner

Situated in Bikaner, Rajasthan the college has become the nerve center for generating technically trained manpower in agriculture over the past 26 years.

This college of agriculture is very well reputed and enjoys some leading distinctions such as –  research in Plant Pathology and Microbiology – ranked 2nd and a program under National Biological and Agricultural Engineering – ranked 1st.

They aim to provide an important link in the chain for converting agriculture and its occupations into profitable enterprises to offer food and nutritional security.

6. Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (CCSHAU)

Now at the sixth spot, we have Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University or popularly known as HAU. It is one of Asia’s biggest agricultural universities. Its located at Hisar in the Indian state of Haryana.

The college is named after India’s seventh Prime Minister, Chaudhary Charan Singh.

The university has a very large campus and several research centers throughout the state. It also won the Indian Council of Agricultural Research’s Award for the Best Institute in 1997.

The college also went on to it become an autonomous institution on February 2, 1970, through a Presidential Ordinance.

7. Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary (SGT) University, Gurgaon

SGT university was brought up during the implementation of the Haryana Private Universities (Amendment) Act No. 8 of 2013.

This Tricentenary university is a part of a Shree Guru Gobind Singh college which comprises many fields of education.

The campus is spread over 70 acres of lush green campus on the outskirts of Gurgaon at Chandu-Bhudera.

The college aims to cater to the needs of not only the present-day industries but also of emerging technologies.

Facilities like Recreational Room, Beauty Salon, and  In-house sports facilities are available.

8. University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore

In the 8th spot on the Best Agricultural Colleges In India list is the University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore. It is one of the premier institutions of agricultural education and research in the country.

The college actually began as a small agricultural research farm in 1899 on 30 acres of land and has since had a long and rich heritage behind it.

The university also provides some of the best on-campus jobs due to its practical standards of education.

9. G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology (GBPUA&T)

This public university was founded in 1960 under the American land-grant model. It was initially known as Uttar Pradesh Agricultural University and was inaugurated by then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

The campus is spread over more than 10,000 acres which are reckoned to be the second largest contiguous university campus in the world.

Facilities Included are state-of-the-art facilities for conducting interviews and group discussions of students. Multi-halls with the seating capacity of eighty candidates and multimedia facilities along with other facilities.

10. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU)

Last on our list of the Best Agricultural Colleges In India list is TNAU. The TNAU is by far along with UAS the best agricultural college in south India to study.

The university offers as many as 42 graduate and postgraduate courses for its students.

The college also has impressive recognitions under its belt such as being ranked 25th among ‘specific universities’ in India in 2017 as well as 40th among the “Overall” category of academic institutions.


The ratings of the institutions are on the grounds of several factors like college affiliation and approval, national importance, quality education, college infrastructure and facilities, student preferences, etc.

We hope this article of ours helped you in choosing the apt college for you or your loved one.

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