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Are you looking for profitable sports business ideas in India? And you have a small capital to invest? Here in this article, we put a list of 15 most lucrative and popular sports business ideas.

Sports is the next big industry in India. And definitely, cricket is the most driving force of the Indian sports business industry. However, other sports are adding rich diversity to the sector. From a commercial point of view, the industry has grown in leaps and bounds. Favorable socio-economic dynamics and a growing middle class with disposable incomes have generated a huge demand for live entertainment content, leading to the emergence of new sports leagues. These all creates several small business opportunities to the entrepreneurs.

15 Lucrative Sports Business Ideas

#1. Batting Gloves

Batting gloves is an essential item for the cricket players. It is a safety wear. You can start the batting gloves manufacturing with small startup capital investment. The manufacturing of the batting gloves is the same as other industrial gloves. However, in batting gloves, you will need to use high-quality raw materials.

#2. Hockey Sticks

The major raw materials for hockey sticks are mulberry wood and cane. In India, the product has good export potential also. However, in manufacturing hockey sticks, you must use high-quality raw material and upgraded machinery.

#3. Saddlery & Harness

These are essential items in the horse riding. Saddlery and Harness are made out of vegetable tanned leathers. These are used as the top part of the horse backbone seat, which gives comfort in horse riding. The Saddlery is flexible and possesses a high degree of tensile strength. That is why it lasts for a long period of time.

#3. Shuttle Cock

The shuttlecock is an essential item in badminton. And the demand for this item is increasing rapidly. You can start shuttlecock manufacturing business as small, medium and large-scale basis. Even if you have space, you can start from home. However, like any sports goods, the business demands strategic planning and proper marketing. Read More…

#4. Sports Socks

Socks are also important items in the sportswear industry. However, these socks come with a variety of design, pattern and quality. The knitted socks making process is simple. Additionally, the business doesn’t demand a lot of space for operation. Read More…

#5. Sports Footwear

Among the shoes, the most popular one is warm-up shoes having flat sole. The players use these shoes for general and practice purposes. However, the manufacturing process of sports shoes is different as compared to other types of general purpose footwear.

#6. Sports T-shirt

This is also an important item in the sportswear industry. However, you can start this business as medium and large scale basis. Generally, the t-shirts come with different style and pattern for different games. Also, you will need to main good quality thread for good quality t-shirts.

#7. Swimming Costume

The demand for swimming suits in developed countries and developing countries is increasing. And the manufacturing process of swimming suits is very simple. Additionally, you can manage this business with a little knowledge of cutting and stitching. The raw material and the machinery required for this industry is available indigenously.

#8. Tennis Ball

Tennis is an internationally popular game. And the game is hugely popular in our country also. You can start tennis ball manufacturing with comparatively small capital investment. This industry is a non-polluting and labour intensive industry. However, you can start this business both in rural or urban areas.

#9. Track Suit

The tracksuit is the dress for sportsmen and sportswomen for track and field. Generally, the knitted tracksuits come with a combination of cotton and nylon. The industry is very promising and lucrative for the entrepreneurs. However, you must concentrate on building the brands. Read More…

#10. Badminton & Tennis Academy

This business demands a lot of space for operation. Because you will need to provide the court for these games. However, the demand for these sports is increasing in India. And the parents always look for a good academy for their children.

#11. Basket Ball Academy

Basketball also a popular sport in India. However, a small indoor space is enough to start this business. And definitely, you must provide good coaching to the players. If you are a passionate basketball player, then this is the perfect business for you.

#12. Billiards or Pool Hall

Though this game is not originated from India, this is very popular in the upmarket society. The game is very relaxing. And often people enjoy this game in the evening after a hectic day.

The business is perfect for metro cities and suburban also. In addition, the business demands comparatively small capital investment. The major revenue earning option is membership fees. However, you can also take fees as the hourly basis.

#13. Karate School

Karate comes with the martial arts. And karate is very popular in our country. Karate also helps in self-defense. The popularity of karate among the kids is growing rapidly in the urban and small towns. However, before starting the business analyze the local market demand carefully.

#14. Sports Shop 

Sports shop is a very lucrative business in the sports retail industry. And according to your investment capacity, you can open the shop. Additionally, you can open either an online or a brick and mortar store also. However, if you are starting an online sports shop, it is advisable to concentrate on a niche segment.

#15. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio business in India is considered as a profitable and lucrative retail venture opportunity in health and wellness industry. Traditional medicinal and health practices like Ayurveda and yoga have propounded the concept of mental and bodily wellness. Read More…

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Sports business industry is highly promising and offers a lot of small business opportunities to the entrepreneurs. We hope, this list of 15 sports business ideas will help you in making informed decisions.


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