30 Best Self Employment Small Business Ideas for Men & Women

A successful self employment is definitely a self-rewarding journey of anyone’s career. Additionally, It allows you to initiate a business with taking a minimum (financial) risk. The object of crafting this article is to provide 20 best self employment business ideas to the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Self employment is not a new phenomenon in our country. And there are so many traditional career occupations and businesses in this segment.

First of all, let us understand what is self employment at all. 

Self-employment is a situation in which a person works for himself or herself instead of working for an employer that pays a salary or a wage. A self-employed individual earns his income through conducting profitable operations from a trade or business that he operates directly.

However, there is a difference between business and self-employment. A business owner owns a business without engaging himself/herself on the day-to-day operations. On the other hand, a self-employed individual does all the hard work related to his or her business. Moreover, you can simply call it as One Man Business.

Here in this article, we put a list of 20 chosen self employment business opportunities for your ready reference.

Benefits Of Self Employment Business

  • This type of business opportunities allows you to operate with a limited or no infrastructure.
  • According to the current rule, you can start and run most of the self-employment business from the residential housing.
  • Self-employed is always a better proposition than a job.
  • After starting, at any moment of the time you can scale up the business.
  • There is no requirement of ROC registration and yearly compliances.
  • Additionally, your personal income tax return is enough for submitting the income tax for your business.
  • Finally, there are several tax benefits you can avail in a self-employment business.

List Of 30 Self Employment Business Ideas

#1. App-based Car Driving

App-based car driving is the most trending opportunity nowadays. There are a lot of reputed company, you can find in the market. And Ola, Uber, Meru are the most popular on the list. The companies offer a lucrative income to the drivers.

#2. Coaching Center

Teaching is a most respectable profession in our society. However, you must have adequate knowledge and a passion for sharing it. This is one of the best profession you can operate at home.

#3. Computer Repairing & Maintenance

Today is the era of computers. And we can’t expect as such any operation without a computer or laptop. So the repairing and maintenance is an increasing issue in our country. If you have knowledge of hardware, you can start a business from a retail location.

#4. Consulting

Consulting is an evergreen knowledge-based business. Additionally, one of the most highly paid profession. In India, the demand for knowledgeable consultants is increasing in various fields including IT.

#5. Content Writing

With the blessings of the internet, content writing is one of the best self-employment options for any individual. Additionally, you can earn by both the ways – offline and online. You can contribute to the magazines, newspapers etc. Additionally, you can write for the different websites who look for quality writeups.

#6. Crafts Making

Handicrafts making is the traditional industry in India. And literally, we can find thousands of different types of crafts throughout the country. Additionally, you can start the business from home. Read More…

#7. Designer Saree Making

This is an another very lucrative self-employment opportunity for men and women both. You can earn handsome money from designer saree making business. Read More…

Self Employment Business Opportunities

#8. Flower Arrangements or Florist 

Flower arrangments are very much needed for almost every domestic or corporate celebrations. And if you know the art of flower arrangements you can start offering your service locally. Additionally, you can have a retail store. Also, you can sell the flower bouquets from the online store.

#9. Freelance Photography

If you are a passionate photographer or enjoy taking photos, you can start this business. Almost every photo studio in our country is one individual operated. However, there are some investments needed for starting this business.

#10. Home-based Beauty Services

This business is the perfect for the women and housewives also. There are several different types of beauty services, you can offer from home or at home basis. Some of the most popular are bridal makeup, hair styling, Mehendi, facial or skin treatment etc.

#11. Home-based Catering

With a small setup of utensils and cooking instruments, you can start this business. Generally, people look for catering services for the family gathering, birthday parties and even for corporate functions. As your business grows, you can scale up at any moment of time.

#12. Home-based Gift Item Selling 

In the small cities and rural areas, you will find a lot of home-based selling business – generally, women operated. Yes, gift item selling is a good opportunity for the ladies also. Read More…

Self Employment Business

#13. Home-based Plant Nursery

If you have a hobby of gardening, why are you not turning this hobby into a profitable business? Additionally, you can sell farm equipment, seeds, and others plant inputs from there. However, a nursery from a prominent retail place definitely fetches better profits.

#14. Home-based Tutoring

This is a traditional and evergreen self employment option for anyone. Right from students, women, housewives and as such any individual can earn handsome money from tutoring.

#15. Interior Designing

Interior designing is an emerging business in our country. Additionally, the industry is growing very fast. However, you must have special training or education for starting this business.

#16. Legal Firm

Broadly there are two different types of legal firms in our country according to the operations. There are some popular legal firms who operate with the CRPC and IPC rules. And another one who operates the company law or corporate legalities.

#17. Online Tutoring 

Online tutoring is an online based tutoring system. This profession is increasing very rapidly in India. Additionally, there are several online sites who help you to get students. Additionally, they also collect the fees from the students and pay the teachers accordingly.

#18. Party Planning

Party planning or event planning is an another emerging business in India. However, the business demands hard work, skill, and adequate knowledge about the every detail associated with a function.

#19. Photo Framing

The demand for creative and decorative photo frames are increasing very fast. Additionally, there is a very good market for the personalized photo frames. From a small retail location, you can start this business.

Self Employment Business

#20. Physiotherapist

This is an another very lucrative self employment business option for any individual. If you have the knowledge and skill, you can start this profession. Additionally, there is no requirement of having space in a posh retail location.

#21. Pickles Making

Pickle is a very big and lucrative industry in India. However, you can start a home based pickle business just from your kitchen. You can sell the pickles from online marketplaces or from your own online store. Read More…

#22. Scented Candle Making

Scented and decorative candles are the luxury item. And any individual can start a home based candle making business with a limited infrastructure. There are several selling options nowadays for this product. Read More…

#23. Secretarial Firm

Secretarial firms generally offer value-based services to their clients. However, a major segment addresses ROC issues with different types of compliances. This is one of the most profitable and lucrative businesses in India.

#24. Selling On Marketplaces

This is an emerging self-employment opportunity in India. Nowadays, the online selling is growing rapidly. If you have adequate knowledge about any product as such, you can sell those items from different online marketplaces. In our country, some of the reputed companies are Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Craftsvilla etc.

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#25. Smartphone Repairing

The consumer of smartphones is increasing, thus creating an opportunity of repairing them. After the company offered warranty period, people generally look for a trustable repairing centre. Additionally, you can have the smartphone repairing training before initiating the business.

Self Employment Business Ideas

#26. Sweets & Confectionery Making 

You can start a home made sweets and confectionery business of your own. You can find several startups in this segment in metro cities and as well in small towns. People prefers buying homemade chocolates, cookies, toffee, sweets, namkeen etc. However, you must have a right marketing plan for this business.

#27. Travel Agency

A localized travel agency is an evergreen business. Additionally, you can start this business as franchise also. You can operate the business from a small retail location with a minimum infrastructure.

#28. Videography

Regardless domestic or corporate, people always look for a video recording for any type of celebration programs. However, you must have the right skill and a lot of knowledge about the subject. Additionally, this business demands an upfront capital investment.

#29. Virtual Assistant

There is an increasing demand for the virtual assistant service these days. And you can offer this service right from your home. You will only need to have computer, mobile and internet connection. Additionally, there are a lot of sites who offer a platform for the virtual assistants and consumers.

#30. Welding Unit

A small scale welding unit is a very lucrative business for an individual. However, this business better fits in the small towns and rural areas. You can offer repairing and new fabrications both.

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Apart from this list, there are several successful self-employment opportunities in our country. If you are also in a self employment business, we’d love to hear from you. Put your success story and business information on our social media platform.

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