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Payment gateway service providers in India is increasing fast. The demand for the online transaction is increasing day by day. As a result, more and more service providers are coming into play in the ever-increasing market in India.

Payment Service Providers offer eCommerce merchants one single interface to one or more online payment methods.

They help eCommerce merchants and businesses like yours to accept credit cards, alternative payment methods (bank transfers, direct debits) and digital wallets (e.g. MasterPass, Visa Checkout).
Which provider fits your business depends on your specific situation and requirements.

About-Payments distinguishes 3 types of Payment Service Providers: Distributors, Collectors, and Aggregators.
They all help you to easily accept payments online, however…
differ when it comes to payout, fees and contracting.


A Distributor delivers one single interface to one or more online payment methods.

You need to contract the bank or financial institution and negotiate commission rates, fees and payout terms.


A Collector delivers one single interface to one or more payment methods, does collect payouts on your behalf but does not set commission rates or fees.

They enable you to streamline payout for different payment methods (cards, bank transfers, wallets).


An Aggregator delivers one single interface to one or more payment methods, collects the payouts and contracts with banks or financial institution.

You only would need to contract with the Aggregator. They set your transaction fees.

We have updated the price comparison of some of the service providers operating now in India. Hope the comparison done here will help in deciding the service provider as per your needs.

List Of 5 Best Payment Gateway Service Providers In India

Fees/providerCC AvenueCitrusEBSDirecpayPayu
Set upfees0-3000009599-239990-300006000-30000
Annual Maintenance Charges1200-36000240024002400
Maximum TDR5.50%2.753.7554.9
Lowest TDR for credit cards2.5%2%2.7522.75
Lowest TDR for Debit cards1.5%1%
Lowest TDR for Net Banking2.5%1.6%3.2522.75
Lowest TDR for Cash Cards3.6%03.25———3%

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