Numbertank Offers Free Calls from Web To Mobile

The new start up from Surat, Shantai Technologies has come up with their flagship product, Number tank. Using their service, one can make free calls from the web to traditional phone numbers including mobile phones quite easily. This is probably the latest addition in the web to phone category which is experiencing a sharp rise in terms of users. Numbertank is offering free call service to even traditional phone numbers and it is truly a significant development.


How Number tank works:

#1. Create an account.

#2. Verify your mobile number.

#3. Then invite your friends via Email or Facebook.

#4. Once your friends join Numbertank, you can call them for free.

#5. You get 30 free calling minutes on days that you login. Unused minutes get carried over till a maximum of 100 minutes.

#6. Additionally, you can even send a quick email also from the same interface. This facility is also great when you are in roaming.

You need a computer, headphone with microphone and broadband connectivity by which you can talk to any person present in your contact list. You can make free and cheap calls to any number with clarity as promised by the company.

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the company claims that the entire communication system is a smooth and one can experience distraction-free conversation for a considerable duration.  Just be online, log into your Numbertank account and start making calls.

Questions over the legitimacy of Number tank:

VOIP calls or calls over the internet in India are not allowed to terminate over normal PSTN lines. What is interesting to see the operational process of the company. The telecom department is bound to look into the operational process if the service becomes popular.

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