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Are you searching for home based business opportunities? And do you want to start a home based business from your backyard with the comfort of your home? Here in this article, we have provided a big list of 50+ top home based business opportunities in both manufacturing and service industry. Low overhead cost, working with the comfort of your home and taking the minimum risk without having another infrastructure for workspace, are the major reasons for success for home based business opportunities.

List Of Top 50+ Home Based Business Opportunities & Ideas 

1. Agarbatti Making

You can start agarbatti making business both as small scale or large scale basis. Agarbatti is a household goods having a great market potential. The burning of agarbatti or incense in religious and social functions has been practiced in India since early times. Agarbatti an aromatic powder or paste is burnt in Indian homes as a fragrant fumigant and is reputed to possess insecticidal and antiseptic properties. Read More…

2. Ball Pen Refill Making

Ball pen refill making process is simple. Additionally, you can initiate as a home based manufacturing operation with moderate startup capital investment. Ball pen is the essential writing instrument for students, for the educational institution and in a type of office work. Wide and increasing usage of ball pen and refills has made this product as the mass consumable item. Read More…

3. Bindi Making

Basically, you can start bindi making business with small startup capital. Bindi is a small piece of velvet cloth with the suitable adhesive. It is available in different colours, size and pictures. Designer Bindi has a potential market.  Bindi is a consumable product and requires both rural and urban women, therefore the demand of product exist and grow with the increase of female population. Read More…

4. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best home based business opportunities for the people who are passionate about writing and have knowledge about a specific subject. Technical knowledge is also required and that can be gathered from online resources also. You can earn by giving advertisement and affiliate selling.

5. Blouse Hook Making

First of all, you can initiate blouse hook making business as small scale home based basis. Blouse hook is an essential item for garment and clothing industry. It used generally in women’s wear such as blouses, churidars, tops, kameezes, frocks etc. Any individual with low startup capital investment can start this venture to earn handsome money. Apart from the wholesaler and retailer every garment manufacturing company, tailor, alteration service houses are the buyer of this product. Read More…

6. Bookkeeping

Every small and big business have a requirement of bookkeeping. Having a computer with internet and accounting software, you can start this business from your home location. You can operate and multiple accounts with a single accounting software also.

7. Business Consulting 

If you have the skill, expertise and knowledge about the business and industry, you can start a business consulting service providing business from home. According to your expertise, you must offer the specific services with right pricing.

8. Candle Making

Candle making business can be initiated as small scale and part time basis. People lighten candle not only for religious purpose but also as the decor item. Apart from a traditional long white candle, there is also a very potential market for scented and decorative candles. Read More…

9. Chalk Making

Chalk making or chalk production business can be initiated as a home based and small scale basis. In developing countries still chalk is used for writing in blackboards in schools. Apart from schools, educations and training institutes, chalks are used by tailors, furniture makers, construction workers and by many industries. Chalks are actually round shaped sticks and it comes either as white or in colours. Read More…

10. Content Writing

Quality content is always on demand. And in today’s phenomena, content writing is one of the most profitable, lucrative and self-rewarding home based business opportunities for individual having knowledge and skill about producing quality content according to the client’s requirement. There are also so many sites where you can register yourself as a freelance content writer also.

11. Cotton Buds Making

Cotton buds making project can be operated as part-time also. This is one of the most profitable home based manufacturing business ideas. Cotton buds are the consumable household product. With the increasing awareness of health and hygiene, the demand for cotton buds is also increasing. Read More…

12. Creche

If you love children and you have so much leisure time then you must consider starting a creche business at your home. The creche is one of the most profitable home based business opportunities in India and the demand is increasing rapidly.

13. Dance Coaching

If you are a dancer and enjoy dancing then you must consider dance coaching as the business. This is one of the most profitable and self-rewarding home based business opportunities for any individual having proper knowledge and expertise.

14. Designer Lace Making

With knowledge about lace knitting any individual can initiate this business from home location with small startup capital. Nowadays you will find different lace making machines. Commercial lace-making unit is possible by establishing these machines. Designer lace has a very good market demand and is an essential item in designer clothing materials. Read More…

15. Envelope Making

Envelope is still an important office and school stationery item. Apart from that every greeting card needs to have an envelope. By establishing small envelope making unit you can produce desired quantity paper envelope automatically. Envelope making is one of the most profitable home based manufacturing business ideas one can start as part time also. Read More…

16. Fitness Expert

Unhealthy lifestyle, bad eating habits and less physical activity are the major reason for poor health and obesity of modern population. To keep their health okay, nowadays, health conscious people are searching for fitness expert and the demand of this profession is increasing highly. Having proper knowledge and skill you can start this business by various ways. You can assign with fitness centers or gyms. You can also provide service to the persons who are looking for personal fitness expert at their doorstep.

17. Flipkart Selling

Flipkart is the largest eCommerce portal in India having over 18 million registered users and delivering more than 50 lakh shipments per month. If you have knowledge about a particular product you can register yourself as Flipkart seller and start selling the product from Flipkart. Read More…

18. Gem Clip Making

Gem clip or paper clip is an essential item as education and office stationery. The gem clip making process is simple. An entrepreneur with low startup capital can initiate this business as home based also. Gem clip making business can be operated as part-time or full time basis. There is a huge demand of 100% stainless steel make gem clip globally. Read More…

19. Gift Basket

A gift basket is considered one of the most adorable corporate gift. With innovative idea and skill, you can start offering gift baskets for your clients according to their requirement and budget. The business can be initiated as the home based wth very small capital investment.

20. Graphic Designing

Print media and online media both have the huge demand of graphic designing service. You can start 20. this business by offering the services to your clients for both print and online requirement. You can also offer the service online through various websites dedicated for freelance service providers.

21. Hair Band Making

The hair band is a very the popular item in young girls. Not only girls, men are also now using the hair band. A small hair band making business can be initiated as the home based with small capital investment. By automatic hair band making the machine, you will be able to produce different quality and colourful hair band. Read More…

22. Hollow Bricks Making

If you have sufficient space, you can start a small scale hollow bricks production operation as home based business opportunity. Hollow bricks have an important role in the modern construction industry. They are cost effective and better alternative to burnt clay bricks by virtue of their good durability, fire resistance etc. Read More…

23. Insurance Advisor 

Everyone have a need of insurance nowadays. There are different types of insurance people are in search for different purposes. Such as life insurance, car insurance, property insurance, business insurance, health insurance, factory insurance and so many. Advising the right product according to the requirement and budget of the client is the primary role of an insurance advisor. This is one of the most profitable and self rewarding home based business opportunities one can start with zero investment. The payouts are really lucrative in this sector and even you can earn by depositing renewal policy investment.

24. Interior Designing Business

Interior designing business is providing advice, planning, and implementation of best interior decoration as per the client’s specific requirement and budget. Having proper knowledge and skill, any individual can initiate this business from home location.

25. Jam Jelly Making

Jam jelly making business can be initiated from home. As your business grows, there are scopes to add similar product line and shifting your project at a convenient premise. jam jelly making business requires normal machinery and utensils. These are consumable food item and have very good market demand. Read More…

26. Jute Bag Making

Jute is a biodegradable eco-friendly item. Designer jute bad has very good market demand and export potential also. By having simple machinery, you can initiate a jute bag making unit at your home location also. For eco-friendly character the demand for jute yarn, jute fabrics and other jute items is increasing very fast. Read More…

27. Lemonade Production

Lemonade is a lemon flavored drink and in India commonly popular as ‘Nimboo Pani’. Additionally, lemonade production a profitable and viable manufacturing opportunity in India. Generally, people consume lemonade as cold soft drinks specially during hot summer season. Additionally, you can establish a lemonade production unit as small scale basis. Read More…

28. Meal Delivery Service 

Meal delivery service is one of the most profitable home based business opportunities can be initiated by men or women both. Profit margin is really lucrative and the demand for home made cooked food is increasing.

29. Mushroom Farming

If you have the spare room and the atmosphere of the location is favorable for growing mushroom, then you can start a small scale home based mushroom farming business of your own. With advanced technology, mushroom farming is an easy and financially profitable venture for small and large scale both.

30. Naphthalene Ball Making

Naphthalene balls are extensively used as household preservative of woolen clothes and as a deodorant tablet for the toilets, urinals, bathrooms etc. It is a consumable product. It finds extensive application in cities. General awareness is improving in cleanliness and hence this product has got good scope for growth. Naphthalene ball making is one of the most profitable home based manufacturing business ideas one can explore as the part-time basis also. Read More…

31. Nut Bolts Making

Nut bolts are used for the fastening purpose in industries where the replacement of pieces and the parts is necessary. There are many industries producing these nuts and bolts of various sizes, but the demand too is increasing as well as the raw material for the product is easily and endogenously available. Nut bolts making business can be initiated as a home based and part time also. Read More…

32. Online Survey

There are so many sites who pay for online survey job. You will get paid for your opinion on varieties products and services. If you have spare time, then it is definitely a lucrative home based business opportunities with zero investment.

33. Papad Making

Papad making is one of the most profitable home based manufacturing business ideas in the food industry. With comparatively small startup capital any individual can start this business. Papad is a thin wafer-like the product, often served as an appetizer. The demand is good and production process is not that complex. Read More…

34. Paper Cup Saucer Making

Disposable paper cup saucer making business can be initiated as a home based. By establishing automatic machines, you can produce desired quantity of paper cup saucers and other related products also. The production process is simple and required raw material can be procured locally. Read More…

35. Party Planning 

Party planning service providing is one of the most lucrative home based business opportunities for men and women both. Domestic and commercial both types of the market you can tap. Proper organizing skill and network with the vendors are the key focus area in a successful party planning business.

36. Paying Guest

If you are staying in a metro city or even in suburban and having extra room, then initiating a paying guest business is wonderful home based business opportunities to start with zero investment. Temporarily relocated peoples always prefer paying guest accommodation with comfort and security.

37. Paytm Selling

Paytm has established as one of the most leading players in the eCommerce market in India within a very short period of time. Nowadays, Paytm has emerged as a full blown eCommerce platform selling products ranging from fashion items to gift items. Therefore, Paytm provides business opportunity as the paytm seller. Read More…

38. Photography

If you are a passionate photographer and have knowledge and expertise about photography, you can start providing services for commercial photography. You can also sell your photos online through various sited dedicated for online photo selling.

39. Real Estate Consulting 

Real estate is a highly emerging market in India. People are always looking for home sometimes to buy and sometimes to get rental accommodation. It is really nowadays a huge market. Having a good communication skill and knowledge about the locality, any individual can initiate this business with minimum or no investment.

40. Rubber Band Making

Rubberband is an useful consumable item for everyday use. Rubber band making project can be initiated by installing some simple machinery. Rubber band market potential is huge and the industry is expected to grow at over 8 per a cent per annum this decade. Read More…

41. Rubber Stamp Making

Rubber stamp making business, revenue-wise, has very good income potential. Additionally, you can initiate the rubber stamp making as home based business with comparatively small startup capital. Manufacturing process is simple and various different types of rubber or polymer stamps are becoming popular nowadays. Read More…

42. Screen Printing Unit

A small silk screen printing unit can be initiated at home home with very limited infrastructure and capital investment. Some of the most popular usage of silk screen printigs are t-shirt, mouse pad, logo, images, stickers and on so many things.

43. Security Service Business 

Urbanization, development of malls/townships/apartments/office complexes and the growing feeling of insecurity amongst people are the main factor of increasing demand for security personnel. Security service business can be initiated as small scale and home based basis.

44. Soft Toys Making

Soft toys have a huge market in India and it increased on festive seasons specially. The raw materials are also available locally. You can start this business the as home based with very small capital investment. Read More…

45. Staple Pin Making

Staple pins find wide application to staple sheets of paper, cheque, common known bills, album photos, sandwich bags etc. Additionally, the financial institutions, offices, garment industry, leather industry, rubber industry and any shop delivering the materials in packets are the major consumers. You can initiate staple pin making business as the home based with low startup capital. Read More…

46. Tax Consulting

Every individual has a need of tax consultant including professionals, jobbers and business owners. Having proper knowledge and excellent networking any individual can start this home business with small investment. As a tax consultant your primary requirement are computer with a internet connection and accounting software.

47. Tour Guide Operator

If you are living at a place that attracts tourists frequently and you enjoy mixing and communication with new people, then you must consider starting a tour guide operator business. Proper licensing is an important factor in this business.

48. Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the best self rewarding home based business opportunities for men and women both. You can also start online tutoring by having a computer with high speed internet connection. There are lot of the sites available where you can register yourself as tutor. One of the most popular is tutor.com.

49. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant business is perfect for those individuals who are organized in nature in their work and have an ability to work with others virtually. Only by having a computer with internet connection and a mobile phone, any individual can start this business from the comfort of his or her home.

50. Woodworking

Woodworking business is a very good and profitable opportunity for those individuals who are really looking for a home based manufacturing idea with small startup capital. You will find many technically upgraded machinery for woodworking. Selecting the right product with focusing right niche is important in this business. Read More…


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