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Indian furniture industry is highly organized. And different types of furniture is available with a wide price range. The furniture comes with a variety of design, material, colour, and pattern. The object of crafting this article is to provide 7 profitable and trending furniture making business ideas.

As of 2015, total furniture market is estimated to be worth US$ 17992 million. And wooden furniture accounts for US$ 5358 million. And this sector in India makes a marginal contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, home furniture is the largest sector in the industry. And it accounts for 65% of total market share. The second largest market is for office furniture and it accounts for 20% of total market share. Apart from the domestics market, there are a lot of opportunities for export.

The industry is growing rapidly. And according to the expert’s analysis, Indian furniture market is pegged to be around USD 20 billion. The major reasons are increasing population, spending attitude for good living and people are looking for western design furniture. Some of the basic categories are

  • Living room furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Kitchen Furniture
  • Drawing room furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Home office furniture
  • Dining room furniture
  • Entryway furniture

List Of 7 Profitable Furniture Making Business Ideas

#1. Bamboo Artisan Furniture

Bamboo and cane artisan furniture are very popular as decorative furniture. This type of furniture carries very light weight. And it is a home based handicraft industry. Cane and bamboo essentially involve manual weaving of bamboo slivers to produce utility products like Sofa-sets, chairs, Tables, Raking-Chair etc.

#2. Leather Furniture

These are popular as luxury and lifestyle product. Therefore, fetch a very inspiring margin to the manufacturer. Generally, these are popular as living room and dining room furniture for home use. And the largest market is for office furniture. You can start leather furniture making business with a substantial capital investment.

#3. Plastic Furniture

Plastic moulded furniture are very popular in a wide range of the population. Because it offers features unavailable in conventional wooden and metal furniture. Such as easy maintenance, light weight, durability, and economy. In addition, it contributes immensely to saving forests.

#4. Rubber Wood Furniture

Rubberwood furniture has a number of benefits, and manufacturers around the world use the material to create durable, affordable, and beautiful pieces. One of the biggest benefits of Rubberwood is its durability. Rubberwood has a dense grain character when compared to other types of wood. So people more and more intend to buy stylish looked rubber wood furniture nowadays. Furthermore, you can start the manufacturing as small scale basis. Even you can start from home.

Furniture Making Business Opportunities

#5. Steel Furniture

Steel furniture making is a lucrative business. You can find a demand throughout the year. With simple machinery and raw materials, you can start this business. Even you can establish the unit at home. Nowadays, the steel almirahs, steel cupboards, and steel chairs find their extensive use in industrial, commercial and household activities.

#6. Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is the traditional home furniture in India. There are two main classifications – Hardwood and Softwood, based on their strength and it determined by its wood density. However, it caters a wide range of products. The list includes Teak wood, Sissoo wood, Satinwood, Sal wood, Rosewood, Pinewood, Mulberry wood, Mahogany wood etc. You can start a wooden furniture making business from home.

#7. Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron is a specific type of iron alloy with a very low carbon content in contrast to cast iron. The furniture and different home decor items are very popular nowadays. In addition, wrought iron furniture is the best choice for patio furniture. Read More…

Nowadays, the eCommerce market is booming in India. And it provides immense opportunities to the small manufacturers. You can sell you furniture from the different online marketplaces. However, quality, durability and attractive look are the major aspects of getting success in this business.

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