Envelope Making | Small Business Manufacturing

Envelope making business opportunity demands little knowledge about school and office stationery supply. The envelope is still an important office and school stationery item even in today’s internet era. Apart from that, every greeting card needs to have an envelope.

By establishing small envelope making unit you can produce desired quantity paper envelope automatically. Envelope making is one of the most profitable home based manufacturing business ideas one can start as part time also.

Apart from paper envelopes, there is an another potential market for synthetic paper envelopes. From the same unit you can produce this also. The demand for the synthetic paper envelope is also increasing day by day in view of making envelopes for despatch of magazines, books etc. Because of its strength, good printability, weather resistance, synthetic papers/envelopes are preferred.

Envelope Making Business Registration

You can start envelope making business as proprietorship company. In that case, you will need to register your business as One Person Company (OPC) with Register Of Companies. If you are starting your business with some other partners, you can go for LLP, Pvt Ltd. or Ltd Co. registration. Obtain Trade License from local Municipal Authority. Apply for Vat Registration. This type of small-scale unit does not demand any permission from Pollution Control Board.

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Different Types Of Envelopes

In the domestic market, we find different types of the envelopes. Such as the plain envelope, coloured envelope, envelope printed with organization’s details, envelope with window and envelope made of useless papers.

In addition, according to the style, there are several envelopes available in the market. The list includes commercial or regular, envelopes for catalogue or booklets, letterhead size envelopes etc. Generally, different companies often look for professional envelope making companies. Generally, printed or promotional envelopes fetch better profit than normal envelopes. It is advisable to concentrate on the value-added envelope manufacturing to make your startup more profitable.

Raw Materials For Envelope Making

The main raw material for envelope making is paper. Different quality of paper is used for envelope making such as map litho paper, scrap paper and also sometimes useless papers. It generally starts from 70 gsm and according to the client’s requirement you need to procure the specific gsm quality paper. Also, you will have to procure other consumables like gum, glue etc.

Envelope Making Machines

Different varieties types of envelope making machine you will find. For successful project implementation, selecting the right machinery is most important. According to your desired output quantity and specific envelope quality, you need to select the right machine for your business. Generally, the different type of machines allows different specific GSM of paper into it. Also, you will need to procure envelope window making machine if you want to produce envelope with window.

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Envelope Making Process

Envelope making production process is quite simple. First of all, fix all papers over each other. And then use the envelope making machine and dies to cut envelopes of a specific size. After the application of gum, leave them to dry properly. After drying completely it goes for packaging. They are arranged in different volume cartons with different numbers. In envelope making, you will need to pay attention in storage and means of transportation.