10 Profitable Designer Saree Making Business Opportunities

Sarees are the most traditional attire for Indian women. The price of sarees varies from Rupees 100 to even Rupees 100000. In addition, sarees come in a variety of colours, fabric, design, and patterns. Furthermore, saree is an integral part of our lifestyle, culture, and heritage. Nowadays women are using some of the western clothes like jeans, top, kurta as the daily outfits. It seems that the saree industry is going down. However, this is not the real fact. Of course, there is a certain change in the form of wearing sarees. Saree is no more a daily wear for the urban women. Rather than they use ‘Designer Saree’ occasionally. And it creates an immense opportunity in the designer saree industry.

The objective of crafting this article is to provide 10 profitable designer saree making business opportunities as small scale startup. In addition, you will find the market potential of Indian saree industry. You can start any of this saree making business even from your home. Also, these are perfect opportunities for women entrepreneurs and fashion designers.

Designer Saree Market Opportunity

Generally, saree is a visible symbol of style, resilience, versatility and timelessness of the Indian way of life. Sarees are becoming younger as time passes and its demand is increasing tremendously. The young consumers clearly prefer the handwoven ones, especially for festivals, weddings, special occasions, and celebrations.

Apart from domestic market, designer sarees have good export potential. Indian sarees are highly popular the worldwide and are regularly exported to countries like USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Middle-East Asia, Africa and several other countries.

10 Profitable Designer Saree Making Business Ideas

#1. Applique Saree

Applique designer sarees are very popular. Generally, this design comes in cotton sarees. You can start this business from home. However, you will need to procure the plain fabric from the manufacturers or wholesale market.

#2. Baluchari Saree

Baluchari saree are traditional silk sarees of West Bengal. These sarees often have depictions from scenes of Mahabharat and Ramayana. The manufacturing process includes the steps processing of yarns, motif making and finally weaving. This is an internationally recognised saree of India.

#3. Chikankari Saree

Chikankari is very old traditional floral embroidery from Lucknow. These sarees are very popular in designer saree industry. However, this saree comes with a variety of design, pattern and colour. Generally, to get the pattern on saree, you must use the wooden blocks. You can do chikankari  on cotton, wool, crepe, chiffon and silk clothes using contrast colour threads.

#4. Designer Tant Sarees

Designer tant sarees are very popular. You can procure that sarees from the manufacturers and from wholesalers. You can work with embroidery, beads, mirrors on the saree to give a fashionable look.

#5. Embroidery Saree

There are numerous opportunities for embroidery work. In addition, you will find different sewing machine for embroidery work. You can make different types of designer sarees with embroidery work. However, you will need to procure fabric and yarns.

#6. Katha Stitch Saree

Katha stitch sarees are now trending fashion attire. It comes on both cotton and silk sarees. However, silk katha stitch sarees fetch more profit. You can procure the fabric from the wholesale market. Source the design and accordingly craft the saree.

#7. Kota Designer Sarees

Kota sarees are originated from the Rajasthan. They are popular for lightweight. You can design on these sarees. In fact, nowadays designer Kota sarees are more popular than plain Kota sarees.

#8. Kundan Beaded Embroidery Sarees

Kundan beaded embroidery sarees occupies the highest market share in the designer saree industry. Also, it caters a wide range of price. Generally, retail price starts from Rupees 500. However, the price depends on the fabric quality, Kundan beads quality and the embroidery work.

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#9. Mirror Work Saree

Mirror work sarees are the most trending now. Furthermore, ou can work on different type of fabrics like silk, georgette, crape, chiffon etc. Mirror work gives a stylish look. In addition, it has good revenue potential.

#10. Sheer Net Saree

They are gorgeous to wear for any function, especially weddings and other social occasions. You can put lace or trim on a net saree. Also, you can decorate it with sequins, beads, stones, and much more. These are also very popular among young consumers.

Apart from this list, there are so many different types of sarees in India. Sell your sarees to the retail butique owners. Also, you can sell from online marketplaces. In addition, you can sell from your own offline or online retail store.

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