20 Most Profitable Backyard Business Ideas You Can Start in 2018

If you are living in a home that has some backyard space, you can consider starting a business there. In addition, if you want to have a workspace close to home, then also, it is the perfect opportunity for you. Basically, these are low-investment opportunities. Because this type of business eliminates the cost of having a commercial space. However, you can expect a handsome return from these ventures.

Like any other business, backyard business also demands startup capital investment. Additionally, you must prepare a right business plan. Check your state law. And obtain the permissions and licenses accordingly.

List Of 20 Most Lucrative Backyard Business Ideas

#1. Apiary or Beekeeping

Beekeeping is a traditional business. Also, it is a very lucrative low-cost backyard opportunity. The business demands small capital investment. Basically, you have to invest for preparing the house, procuring the bees and for maintenance. Additionally, you can establish a honey processing unit also.

#2. Assembling Business

Do you know a world renowned company Apple was started in a California garage by three young men? Yes, it’s true. You can start an assembling business with moderate capital investment. Additionally, product assembling is the perfect business to start from home. Read More…

#3. Azolla production

Azolla is an effective biofertilizer. Basically, it is a free-floating water fern. You can produce Azolla at home. However, you must have some waterbodies for this. First, you can offer the product to the local farmers. The startup cost is low.

#4. Bakery

A bakery can produce several items. The list includes bread, biscuits, donuts, cake, pastry, wafers etc. Basically, bakery caters a large share in the food processing industry. However, according to the demand and financial aspect, you will need to choose the specific products for your bakery business. Read More…

#5. Decorative Candle Making

If you love crafts and want to start a business in this industry then the decorative candle is just perfect for you. Generally, colorful, scented, spiral, birthday type, tapered, spiral, fluted, LED, pillar candles are the most popular in this segment. Read More…

#6. Designer Bindi Making

Designer bindis are gaining popularity day-by-day. Both the urban and rural women population use designer bindi. The bindi making process is simple. Additionally, it is a great business for the women also. The business demands comparatively low startup capital investment. Read More…

#7. Designer Saree Making

Sarees are the traditional attire. And the demand for decorative and designer sarees are increasing nowadays. Some of the most popular designer sarees are Baluchari, embroidery, Katha stitch, mirror work etc. The revenue potential is very high in saree making business. Read more…

#8. Duckery

Duckery or duck rearing for meat and egg is a profitable business. With comparatively fewer efforts and investment, you can start this business. Even you can open duckery without water. However, integrated duck farming with fishery is a highly profitable business.

#9. Goat Farming

Commercial goat farming is a very lucrative and profitable venture. Also, you can start the business with a comparatively small capital investment. Additionally, it is a great business to start from your backyard. Goats are multi-purpose animals. You can produce the products like milk, meat, fiber, manure and skin from the goats. Read More…

#10. Handicrafts Making

Handicrafts commonly refer to handmade crafts or artisanry. Generally, skilled people create different types of items with paper, wood, clay, shells, stones, metals etc. And as the name refers, handicrafts items are absolutely handmade items without the usage of any type of machine. Read More…

#11. Layer Poultry Farming

Layer poultry farming is a profitable business to start with a small investment from the backyard. However, the business demands specific skill and knowledge about farming practice. Additionally, you have to invest in building infrastructure, buying chicks and maintenance.

#12. Mud Crab Farming

Crab meat is a delicious and tasty food. Additionally, it is a great source of food protein. The demand for crabmeat in increasing very fast. However, crab farming process is very simple. And you can really earn lucrative revenue from mud crab farming business.

#13. Mushroom Farming

Basically, two different types of mushrooms are very popular. These are button mushroom and oyster mushroom. Mushroom growing process is simple. And you can start the business as the part-time also. The business ensures good revenue return to the entrepreneurs.

#14. Ornamental Fish Farming

Ornamental fish farming is a multi-million dollar industry nowadays. However, you can start the business as the small scale from your backyard. Generally, aquarium owners are the major consumers of ornamental fishes. And aquarium is an interior decoration item for the both domestic and commercial places.

#15. Pet Birds Farming

Pet birds are popular worldwide. Birds are the adorable pet. Additionally, pet birds farming is an easy and profitable business. However, it is advisable to check your state law before commencing the business.

#16. Plant Nursery

If you love gardening then a home-based plant nursery business is a perfect opportunity for you. You can grow and sell the plants from your nursery for profits. Generally, flowering plants, herbs, cactus and ornamental plants have the major demands.

#17. Quail Farming

Quail birds are the great alternative option of meat. The meat is healthy and delicious. Additionally, quail birds farming demands a very small capital investment. Also, the rearing process is simple. The demand for quail meat is growing rapidly.

#18. Rabbit Farming

First of all, you can start cuniculture or rabbit farming both as the small and large scale basis. According to the available space and investment capacity, you can start the business for profit. Rabbits are the small sized animal. So, they require less space, feed, care, and management.

#19. Snail Farming

Snail meat is very tasty and healthy also. Additionally, it is a great source of protein. The snail meat increasingly becomes popular nowadays. With a small infrastructure cost, you can start this business. However, you must have some knowledge and skill for starting snail farming commercially.

#20. Vermicompost Production

Vermicompost is the most nutritious organic manure. Additionally, the production process is very simple. Also, some Govt. institutes provide training for vermicompost production. Commercial production is a lucrative business for the new entrepreneurs.

Apart from this list, there are several businesses that you can start from your backyard. If you already have a successful backyard business, please do share on our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you.

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